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Anarchist Film Festival happening NOW!!

Anarchist Film Festival is happening at the Guild Theatre. Started last week, going through at least the 13th of May. Call NW film center at 503 221-1156 for more info. Heard about this on KBOO friday and these films sound AWESOME-- history of the struggles worldwide thtoughout history.
The true meaning of anarchy... may include more than the recently popularized concept.

phone: phone: (503) 221-1156

seattle wto videos 04.May.2002 13:18


All the homemade documentaries I've seen concerning the Seattle WTO events seem like parodies of American activists. Was this intentional?

"anarchism in america" 04.May.2002 20:05

eva lake evalake@hotmail.com

the one film 9 of above title) was made in part right here in Portland Oregon. in 1980, an anarchist symposium was organized at Lewis and Clark college. I was there; it was a load of fun. I met people from all over the world. To watch this film, 22 years later, was like a great trip down memory lane. Many of these people affected my life for years to come---anarchists really do take care of one another!

Thanks Eva! 05.May.2002 13:32

Heck mbthink@hotmail.com

Eva speaks the truth. I know a few anarchists. More, and more it seems that we're recognizing the importance of knowing eachother. Building our own networks of community support. Helping eachother. I don't feel that anarchists ascribing to different tactics or methodologies are working against me and people like me.
I became familiar with anarchy by working with people who said they were anarchists. These different stipes included gayfolks, animalrights kids, and militant enviromentalists. I knew, but have had little working relationship with union or Anarcho Sindicalists.
The most important contribution wob anarchists have made to my personal vision of what anarchy is, is by helping me become a vegan. I'm not for this yer eather with us or yer against us distinction. It's a load of crap.
I personally believe that anarchy is self determination. I share with budhists the belief that to enslave or govern another is to enslave your self. I'm not a buddhist.
I believe that communities can only be free if they are made up of FREE INDIVIDUALS.
Sure, there are a few people out there saying the're anarchist, saying we need to supress and dominate eachother, the movement, our tactics. I say that the most sure path to challenging government outside yer self is to challenge government within yer self.
I think we can do this by developing life skills. Work skills. Community skills. Taking risk. Challenging our own authority. Living what anarchy means to us personally. Finding others that have belief in common, and fighting for our right to have communities.
I think that in essence anarchy is the struggle for free will, in our selves, in our communities, for all the world to know. In essence this is a community based struggle against plurality. Or the idea- that diverse individuals, or communities, seperate but equal, are wrong. The idea that we must be the same or of one culture in order to serve the needs of the group.
Anarchy challenges all authority. Including our own moral authority- (The idea that our sect is better than thiers)
If we can have communities, govern our selves, make this distinction, then we will need no government. THIS! is the truth wich strikes fear into the heart of the oppressor.
This is the power of the people.

All respect to you and yers,