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Freddies clear road at Fall Creek

Freddies clear road at Fall Creek
The US Deforestation Service came to Fall Creek tree-sit and Cleared the road system this past tuesday,obstensibly for "public safety". Activists remain in the trees guarding the sale.The forest Service is expected back soon to mark the new boundarys of the sale. 29 acres remains at this point, due to wildlife buffers for the Red Tree Vole created within the rest of the original 96 acres. The timber company holding the contract on the sale, Zip-o-logs of Eugene,is expected to look at the remaining acreage and make a decision on a modified contract in the next week or so. Activists will guard the forest until the sale is completely cancelled. Now is a good time to support the Fall Creek campaign either by coming to the woods and defending the forest or by making a donation of time,food,gear,or money. Call Cascadia Forest Defenders at 541-684-8977 or donate online at www.tree-sit.org
Also help by making these calls: Rep. Peter Defazio 541-465-6732
Sen. Ron Wyden 541-431-0229
Jim Hallstrom-Owner Zip-o-logs mills 541-343-7758
Tell them to cancel the Clark Timber Sale because it's too nice to cut down,and it's too valuable as a public recreation area thats easy to access.It's also a rare low elevation old-growth forest that is relativly flat.The watershed is too cut over already.

homepage: homepage: http://tree-sit.org