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9.11 investigation

What Really Happened....

Now that the 9-11 fraud is finally being exposed to Americans, the Democrats are trying to blame the Republicans although, as usual, both are guilty of being the puppets of more powerful global interests....
Besides  http://copvcia.com and  http://tenc.net , there are other sites that dig deeper and reveal as much un-classified material as "legally" permitted:




Many more detailed sites have been shut down by Big Brother, especially the investigations by brave JOE VIALLS.

Meanwhile, the truth is known by many government agencies who are deliberating what to do about the biggest scandle since Pearl Harbor.

homepage: homepage: http://egroups.com/group/jpchance

the story is getting out. . . 03.May.2002 19:04


thanks to the newswires on indymedia, the story has gotten out on indymedia

the newswires have shown that they are the heart of indymedia


truth squad

I went to the website of this Joe Vialls, and he seems to be some Right Wing American Patriot who is attempting to coopt/hijack skepticism about the official 9-11 story and divert it from the most compelling evidence towards speculation about "remote controlled planes" and the like (which can be more easily as conspiracy theory by the mainstream, by the way).

For example, Vialls argues that there we no "Stand down" orders given by the US Air Force on 9-11--contray to what has been argued by www.copvcia.com and www.tenc.net.

In fact, Vialls tries to desperately argue that ordering Jet fighters to intercept hijacked airliners would be useless, because the only course of action they could take would be to shootdown the airliner and end up probably killing civilans on the ground anyway.

This is the same disingenous argument that Dick Cheney made in an television interview immediately after 9-11, in which he confuses "intercept" with "shoot-down." Secondly, it ignores the fact that there are established FAA guidelines and/or procedures calling for the intercept of a hijacked airliner. If you read Vialls' "analysis", you will see he carefully ignores these points.( http://geocities.com/roboplanes/tornado.html)

The entire structure of Vialls argument is completely ludicrous as it is premised on taking the reader on some hypothetical simulation of what a jet fighter actually experiences when he engages in an intercept--as if this is somehow relevant to the particular issue at hand! No where does Villas address the specific details and facts of what happened (or didn't happen) in terms of the USA's Air Defense/FAA response on 9-11.

Joe Vialls's basic agenda seems to be to deflect guilt and responsibility away from the American military with respect to 9-11, by spewing disinformation left and right.

People should understand that the American Patriot types (such as Joe Vialls) have also jumped on this "What really happened on 9-11" bandwagon in order to confuse public opinion and "muddy the waters" with respect to what is credible inquiry and what is not.

Vialls' article arguing against the "Stand Down" argument can be found at:

Mossad Disinformation 04.May.2002 04:06

Jon Chance


As usual with superficial "progressives", you're concocting disinformation to fit your own ideology. We all do this to some extent, but Zionists tend to do so with a psychotic degree of zealousness.

As all informed people know, the Mossad is the world's most ruthless terrorist organization.

Last time we checked, Mike Ruppert does not investigate technical military evidence. He's concentrating on the CIA-financial elements of the investigation(s).

And you say that Jared Israel's investigation  http://tenc.net does not support the obvious fact that the Air Force was stood down by elements within the DoD.



You are a liar attemting to confuse people, just like the Zio-corporate media.

Furthermore, Joe Vialls is an international investigator, not an "American patriot" (whatever that's supposed to imply in your propaganda).

Like a typical Mossad media totalitarian, you're obviously attempting to deflect attention away from culprits such as Israel and PAUL WOLFOWITZ.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are also guilty and blackmailed crooks, but they are not the primary executioners of the 9-11 attack.

Rather than listening to your lies, anyone can cut through your disinformation by investigating the evidence and employing their own common sense.

Sorry, Deva. 04.May.2002 04:10

Jon Chance

I meant to address the so-called "truth squad" thought police (ADL?), not you Deva. My mistake.

Semantic Deceptions 04.May.2002 04:39

Jon Chance

ADL Thought Police,

You say:

"For example, Vialls argues that there we no 'Stand down' orders given by the US Air Force on 9-11--contray to what has been argued by www.copvcia.com and www.tenc.net."

There is a big difference between orders given BY the Air Force versus orders given TO the Air Force.

While senile Rumsfeld is distracted by his demented dreams of war profiteering and smashing the fictional Al-Qaeda network, Mossad-Zionist zealots within the DoD - such as Paul Wolfowitz - are perfectly situated to manipulate what actually happened.

This is VERY CLOSE to the truth:


Have fun chasing ghosts... 04.May.2002 21:10


You guys have lost it completely. Sad.

Jon Chance is Right 07.May.2002 05:15

ex-Mossad spy

I can totally vouch for Jon Chance. He is totally correct when he says that the Mossad and Israel were not only probably behind the 9-11 caper but that they control the DoD as well.

Those Zionists are also responsible for the assasination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Bobby Kennedy, and attempted assassination of Ronnie REagan among others.

As a former Zionist stooge, I can vouch for the fact that the American people have no idea how thoroughly the USA has been infiltrated and pentrated by the International Jewish Conspiracy.