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9.11 investigation

Blair almost gone - 911

The 'lobby' has done the 911 investigation and dared to ask Blair - biggest ever story coming soon! (honest!)
Tony Blair : Game Over?

Yesterday Prime Minister Tony Blair and his press secretary Alistair Campbell chose to make changes to the lobby briefing system.

It appears that the bulk of the lobby journalists are finally getting to the bottom of a the biggest scandal to ever affect democracy as we know it. What scandal could this be?

Have the hacks been getting to the bottom of the attacks on America? Have they been confronting Tony Blair with the unfortunate truth that he knew everything beforehand and milked the tragedy for all it was worth? Have they been asking if the al-qaeda 'invisible enemy' is a boring lie just to keep the population confused?

The 'huge' story is far too scandalous for today's newspapers, but it will be interesting to see how long the entire government lasts.

The same scandal appears to have sniped other 'coalition' governments. All of the tough talk from the great leaders has been replaced by grey faces and talk of 'timebombs' going off during peace processes. Only time will tell how many of them were setting us up. Which heads will roll? All of them?

It might ultimately fall to the British taxpayer to pay up all that compensation money to all those that have lost loved ones. We will see.

In future events such as the 'DSEi' arms trade fair, the same one that is at the root of 'September 11' might not happen again. There are also going to be implications for the arms-trade, if not the whole of the military industrial complex, including the 'complicit' air cabal. Terminal 5 just might not happen.

The last few days of the 'pretend' war in Afghanistan are here, and those nineteen arabs will soon be erased from the historians 'text books'.

For those wanting to get the low down see 'September 11 - Game Over', as posted to portland.indymedia.org on May 1st. This seems to be the kitten.

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Bravo! 03.May.2002 16:56

Jon Chance jpchance@egroups.com

Thanks to many independent investigations - public and private - the truth is finally leaking out to the American public.

It's time to go for the jugular of the "Big Boys", not just their patsy-puppet TV politicians.

Big clue: Which institutions issue terror-backed debt money (so-called "U.S. dollars") from nothing?

The private Federal Reserve Bank and their associates such as the World Bank Group and the Bank of England.

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