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Video of Strasbourg, France, Mayday Demo Against LePen & Chirac

Video of Mayday Demo against Le Pen and Chirac in Strasbourg, France...

Some chants from Strasbourg:

"To those who would dominate the world, the world responds: RESISTANCE!"
"Not Le Pen, Not Chirac: GENERAL STRIKE!"ˆ
Video of Strasbourg, France, Mayday Demo Against LePen & Chirac
Video of Strasbourg, France, Mayday Demo Against LePen & Chirac
Some chants from Strasbourg:

"To those who would dominate the world, the world responds: RESISTANCE!"
"Not Le Pen, Not Chirac: GENERAL STRIKE!"

A "news" story on MSN recently described the French fascist Presidential candidate Le Pen as part of a trend toward "Ugly Europeans," a shift from the traditional expression "the Ugly American" mumbled and chanted around the world.
The authors of the MSN article ignore the mass mobilization all over France and Europe against the "Ugly Europeans." Three MILLION people marched against Berlusconi's right wing agenda inn Rome a few weeks ago, and the usual Mayday demonstration in Strasbourg was focused against Le Pen, in coordination with a mobilization all over Europe to keep him out of office. Spontaneous demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands throughout France took place immediately after the primary election results were in.
Le Pen is being carried by the votes of the comparatively affluent Alsace region bordering Germany, a historically right wing strip of quaint houses and old castles where there hardly ARE any immigrants, so one wonders just why the hell they feel so threatened by immigrants as to vote for this fanatic. I think its the lack of exposure the diverse cultures that afflicts this enclave, much like America's "Bubba Vote." But nota bene, Strasbourg is in the Alsace, and tens of thousands converged on the streets spontaneously against Le Pen a few days ago.
I think MSN's "Ugly Europeanism," as shown by the right wing fanatics who are doing increasingly better in electoral races, reflects the fact that huge segments of the population boycott the vote because they see no valid candidates (an emotion I've often shared as a US voter). Major political organizations called for a boycott of the election, which inadvertently helped Le Pen, though it is still NOT wrong to refuse to vote for the lesser evil. I suspect is reflects a general reduction in people's faith in electoral politics, in light of the still growing global movement for social justice, and in light of the US's embarassingly transparent coup d'etat in November 2000.
This reduction of faith in the electoral system might help Germany's right wing idiot (Stoiber) defeat Germany's pro-free-trade/pro-austerity/pro-global-war SPD incumbent Schroeder. There is no German candidate the people want to vote FOR. Same in France. Same in Italy...

The fanatic right's upsurge in electoral success might also reflect the increasing politicization (which I think its also a side effect of the global movement): in France and Italy, candidates who "politically never had a chance" but honestly represented their communities reduced voters' desperation to vote for the pansy-liberal socialist party in France and the Democratic Left (DS) party in Italy. The results are Berlusconi and Le Pen (unlike Bush's election, where the number of votes played no role).

The voters that stay home or vote their conscience (instead of for the lesser evil) reflect their understanding that there is no difference between the mainstream candidates. The lesser evil is consistently getting worse.

One slogan I heard on the streets of Strasbourg today was "Detention camps for immigrants, Le Pen dreams of them, Chirac's doing it!" Thus the lesser evil is actually already implementing the racist policies of the dreaded Le Pen, in accordance with the European Union's Schengen Accords.

When your lesser evil is equally bad, the activists' solution makes perfect sense: "Not Chirac, Not Le Pen " GENERAL STRIKE!" The system is the problem, so throw it out and replace it with something more democratic.

But enough about "Ugly Europeans," what about that ugly guy in the White House? I voted against, but he still got in! Votes don't seem to matter these days... Le Pen doesn't pose nearly the threat to world peace as Bush does.

While there are prominent Ugly Europeans making US news these days, I'd like people to remember that the buffoons who get elected, like in the US, are the product of (1) business and financial interests of a few elites and (2) influenced by their coverage in the media, which is increasingly privatized here. Get in touch with the people on the street over france.indymedia.org or any other European imc sites.

I suspect MSN new phenomenon of the "Ugly European" seeks to "explain away" the whole planet's very valid resentment against US military and economic subjugation by pointing to Europe's extremist politicians, while ignoring America's present extremist president, to reinforce the image the home viewing audience has of a dangerous, inexplicably anti-American world. This has the effect of urging the sheep to stick a little closer to the good pastor in Washington.

Just some thoughts and observations from your friendly on-the-spot anarchist correspondent

"Para Todos, Todo."
"Everything for Everyone"