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Women and the Fight for Global Justice: forum on Thursday night

The In Other Words bookstore and Solidarity are presenting an event entitled, "Women and the Fight for Global Justice" on Thursday night. The event will include a panel and discussion and will give people the opportunity to hear about women's international struggles against sexism, poverty and corporate globalization. Featured panelists are Edith T. Mirante, activist and author of Burmese Looking Glass: A human rights adventure and a jungle revolution and Portland State University sociologist Veronica Dujon.

In an interview posted to the newswire, Mirante says, "The nice implication of 'globalization' might be, people in Kansas paying attention to what's happening to the Palestinians because they see it on cable news; or people in Oregon listening to music recorded by people of the New Guinea rainforest. Unfortunately, 'globalization' turns out to be just a code-word for the international dominance of concentrated corporate interests... In Burma, multinational companies like Unocal and Total have strengthened the military regime financially, and set up security zones for their gas pipelines -- which are anything but secure for women, as these zones are staffed by the regime's troops which use rape as a strategy to terrorize 'security risk' ethnic groups, and punish suspected rebel sympathizers or family members with torture and executions.

"...[T]he choice is often between genuine slave labor -- being taken out of her village (which is burned down), raped, made to carry or build things for the army -- and fleeing to a neighboring country where the "choice" is prostitution with certain HIV exposure, or some menial work where sexual abuse is prevalent as well. Some women make the choice of underground organizing, and that's possibly the most dangerous of the options."

The forum will be held at the In Other Words bookstore at 3734 SE Hawthorne, at 7:00 p.m.

Interview with Mirante, and event announcement
In Other Words bookstore
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