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New website aims to counter hegemony

Merriam Webster's defines "hegemony" as "preponderant influence or authority over others: DOMINATION". The word is often used to describe the position of the U.S. relative to the rest of the world, militarily, economically, and culturally (this last word used loosely). For long the exclusive domain of academic types, the word has now apparently penetrated the mainstream enough to be fashionably abbreviated, as in the case of "CounterHeg.org", the name of a new politically-oriented website.

The creator of CounterHeg, Dan Lesh, explains that the word is "hipster lingo for Counter Hegemony" and is the best descriptor for the type of news he collects at this new site. Steadfastly non-traditional in more ways than merely lexically, Lesh goes on to visualize the project thus: "It is not the whole picture, it does not claim to be an objective picture, but it is a challenging picture. This is not The Truth, but it is not The Lie either. It embraces its subjectivity, its constraints, and uses every tool available to tell a different story."

Lesh hopes that the site will attract a wide readership and expand to include "discussion forums, tip-sheets for the 'everyday struggle' (eco-living, recipricol relationships, informing without arrogance, things like that), original artwork, essays, regional events, car/food/language learning cooperative databases, etc." Lesh has put out the call for interested parties to visit the site and contact him by email.

newswire post: 'Counter Hegemony Project'
website: CounterHeg.org
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