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Activists build pink castle to stop GM crops in UK

By the light of the moon in the early hours of April 25th, protesters moved into a pink castle on one of the two testing sites for Genetically Modified (GM) crops that besiege Littlemoor near Weymouth, in the United Kingdom.

The pink fortification stands guard over the entrance of the field in which the mutant remains of last years GM maize crop can still be found. The residents hope to stay in the field long enough to prevent Aventis' controversial GM maize from being planted this year.

The protesters intend to defend the field and the castle. There are lock-on's built into structural parts of the two towers and mono-poles have been erected in key positions around the field. The occupation has been going on for over 11 days now and has generated much interest and support.

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NW Rage to show video on GM foods
If you'd like to learn more about GM foods, you are invited to a showing of "Food for Thought", a video on genetically engineered foods, on Wednesday, May 8, at 7:00 p.m. This showing is sponsored by NW Rage and will take place at 1421 SE Stark in Portland. Organizers are making time for discussion and encourage you to bring a friend!

[ Event announcement: 'Farmer ruled against for $153,000' | NW Rage website ]

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