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Forest Service clears road near Fall Creek tree-sit

According to a post on the newswire, the U.S. Forest Service came to the Fall Creek tree-sit on April 30 and cleared the roads, obstensibly for "public safety". Activists in the tree-sits are guarding the Clark timber sale, which is in the Willamette National Forest, 45 miles outside Eugene. The Forest Service is expected to return soon to mark the new boundaries of the sale. The sale was originally 96 acres, but was reduced to 29 due to wildlife buffers created for the protection of the Red Tree Vole.

The timber company holding the contract on the sale, Zip-o-logs of Eugene, is expected to look at the remaining acreage and make a decision on a modified contract in the next week or so. Activists will guard the forest until the sale is completely cancelled.

A forest-activist organizer states that, "Now is a good time to support the Fall Creek campaign either by coming to the woods and defending the forest or by making a donation of time, food, gear, or money. Call Cascadia Forest Defenders at 541-684-8977 or donate online at www.tree-sit.org."

The organizer described the Clark timber sale as "too nice to cut down, and it's too valuable as a public recreation area that's easy to access. It's also a rare low elevation old-growth forest that is relativly flat. The watershed is too cut over already."

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Thursday May 9th There is a benefit for the Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project with Radical Banjo music by Desert Rat and other entertainment surprises 8 pm, Red and Black Cafe, SE 22nd and Division

Friday, May 10th Major Rally to End Commercial Logging - "Celebrate the saving of Eagle Creek and let our officials know it won't stop there. With over 100 timber sales in the planning process for Mt. Hood and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest (nearly half of which could be logged this summer) come out and demand an end to the commercial timber sale program on public lands." 11:30AM at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Cascadia Forest Alliance Events

'Freddies clear road at Fall Creek'
Cascadia Forest Defenders

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