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Mr. Taco Hell will march again

This Saturday, at the Taco Bell at NE Broadway and 8th, there will be a picket in solidarity with the Florida tomato pickers' boycott that is calling for a one-cent per pound raise. After a rest from his defeat on May Day, the infamous "Mr. Taco Hell" and his teethed-tacos will take to the sidewalks again as we march to demand that Taco Bell management to sit down with farmworkers and respect their demands for decent working conditions. The Coalition of Immokalee workers in Florida has called on national and international support in their struggle for a raise from the same piece rate ($50 for picking and carrying two tons of tomatoes) that they've been payed since 1978. In Portland, activists have been picketing outside Taco Bells around the city for the last four months, each first and third Saturday of the month. At the last two pickets - on N. Interstate and on W. Burnside - the consumer support was so strong that the Taco Bells were nearly empty for the whole time people were picketing outside.
Mr. Taco Hell Will March Again
Cross Border Labor Organizing Coalition (CBLOC)
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