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Alexander upbraids Saltzman for unethical use of city funds

City Council candidate Peter Alexander announced today that his campaign has filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State regarding opponent Dan Saltzman's misuse of public funds for electioneering.

The complaint states that one of Saltzman's city agencies, the Portland Deparatment of Environmental Services (DES), illegally promoted Saltzman's candidacy in a newsletter mailed to approximately 40,000 Portland households just three days before the ballots were to be distributed for the May 21 primary election. Alexander's campaign holds that this type of activity is specifically prohibited by Oregon statue 260.432, which states in part: "No public employee shall... promote or oppose... the nomination or election of a candidate... while on the job during working hours."

Alexander's platform calls for a publically-owned power utility for Portland, fareless transit, stopping low-income displacement, and help for the homeless. His candidacy has been endorsed by the Portland Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party, the Eastside Democratic Club, and prominent individuals in Portland's progressive community.

'Alexander Upbraids Saltman For Unethical Use Of City Funds'
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