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Activists urge boycott of Umpqua Bank in Portland and Roseburg

"On Tuesday afternoon, concerned citizens in Portland staged a successful and fun boycot of the local branch of Umpqua Bank. In Roseburg, folks protested outside the bank board of directors meeting, while Ali Fulcher from the Ashland-based Peace House was able to go in the meeting, thanks to a donation of Umpqua Bank stock.

"During the Portland picket, protestors walked into the bank and informed tellers and customers about role Umpqua Bank plays in ancient forest destruction.

"One customer recently had her new home financed by Umpqua Bank, and she immediately pledged to refinance through a credit union and take her business elsewhere.

"Another customer cancelled her account right then and there.

"To date, across Oregon, well over $500,000 has been pulled out of Umpqua Bank by citizens and businesses concerned about the role of Bank board chairman, Allyn Ford, in the destruction of our old growth forests by his company, Roseburg Forest Products."
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On April 26, activists in Eugene picketed outside an Umpqua Bank branch, leading to at least one customer account cancellation.
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