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Why Does The Indymedia Network Refuse To Look Into The Events Of 911?

The silence from the indymedia network on the issue of a 911 investigation is noteworthy. Aside from a couple local imc's, Indymedia has ignored one of the biggest stories in US history. Why?
Why has Indymedia allowed the Bush administration and US Intelligence agencies to shape the story exactly as they please with hardly any resistance, even though there are gaping holes in the official story?

Not only has the FBI admitted to finding not one piece of hard evidence, but there is a significant amount of evidence pointing elsewhere.

This is the result of starting an investigation with the culprit already decided. You cannot find evidence against them, and you ignore the evidence that points elsewhere. It is high time to demand an investigation.

Even with people like Michael Moore and Mike Ruppert talking to overflowing crowds around the country as they ask the hard questions, Indymedia has ignored the story. . .Even when a Congresswoman publically demands an investigation, not only into 911, but also names Bush and Cheney as people that should be investigated, which is an inspiring act of courage in these times, and still the story is ignored by Indymedia. Even Atlanta Indymedia in Congresswoman McKinneys home state has said nothing.

This is an unbelievable failure for an organization that talks about speaking truth to power.

Is Indymedia afraid to challenge this bullshit story? There is a strong racism regarding Arabs and Muslims in this country. When you say terrorist, people almost automatically think Arab. Perhaps Indymedia has also fallen prey to this bias? It is confusing really.

Here is the story that is the backbone of the current "war on terrorism"; the story that has allowed the US to openly talk of attacking and dominating numerous countries; the story that has created an atmosphere making the US sponsored war in Colombia more acceptable to the public and Congress; political coups more likely (Venezuela); the story that has allowed the US and other governments to strip citizens of their rights, impose harsh new laws, and introduce emergency laws declaring martial law and involuntary conscription at any time. This story that has opened the door for a major advance of world fascism has remained mostly unchallenged - and this when there is alot of credible evidence that the story is false and the truth of what happened and how remains hidden and wthout any serious investigation.

This is an investigative journalists dream. . .the story of a lifetime. . .and a golden opportunity to strike a blow for truth and justice.

The commercial media has seemingly assisted the government to convince the US citizens of the FBI explanation of what happened, and has not bothered to question even obvious and glaring contradictions in the official story. This is not surprising to me that this has happened. One can almost say that it is their job to do so.

What really is surprising, and very disappointing, is that Indymedia has hardly done any better. A few sites have had some coverage, but the rest not a peep. On a few sites, indymedia people themselves have come out and called inquiry into what happened "conspiracy theory" and summarily dismissed such investigation as a waste of time, even though the official story is so much smoke.

Indymedia is dropping the ball big time on the one of the most important stories of our times.