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Alexander Upbraids Saltman For Unethical Use Of City Funds

Today, May 2nd,2002, the Peter Alexander for Portland City Council campaign held a press conference to announce that it is filing a complaint against incumbent Dan Saltzman for misue of public funds. Though all media was invited, no other press attended, except for IndyMedia reporter Courtney Scott.
Alexander Upbraids Saltzman for Unethical Use of City Funds

Portland. City Council candidate Peter Alexander announced today that his campaign
has filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State regarding opponent
Saltzman's misuse of public funds for electioneering.

The complaint states that one of Saltzman's city agencies, the Portland Deparatment of
Environmental Services (DES), illegally promoted Saltzman's candidacy in a
newsletter mailed to apaproximately 40,000 Portland households just three days
before the ballots were to be distributed for the May 21 primary election. The
newsletter speaks in glowing terms of work on conbined sewage overflows (CSO's),
a project for which Saltzman has repeatedly taken credit in his campaign speeches
and in his campaign literature. Saltzman's name and face are prominently displayed on
the outside cover of the DES mailer. the photo is nearly identical to one recently
published in the Voter's Guide.

This type of activity is specifically prohibited by Oregon statue 260.432, which states
in part:

(2) No public employee shall...promote or oppose...the nomination or election of a
cnadidate...while on the job during working hours.

Alexander is the Executive Director of the Center for Energy Efficiency. He has been
campaigning on a theme of "cleaning up local government" through campaign finance
reform and aproposed conflict of interest ordinance that would prohibit elected
officials from voting on matters pertaining to their major campaign donors.

The Alexander campaign can be reached at: (503) 827-4355 or

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxgrassroots.org