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Haymarket Martyr Louis Lingg

Often times, when Haymarket is brought up, Louis Lingg is deemphaized. Why is this? Perhaps because he told the court that he was not at the Haymarket Square protest that day but instead making bombs!
Haymarket Martyr Louis Lingg
Haymarket Martyr Louis Lingg
Rather than be hung by the state Louis Lingg had a dynamite cap smuggled into prison and blew himself up the night before he was set to be executed. More information is available on the Mayday 2001 website listed in a previous post.

Here are two quotes from Louis Lingg:

At present I am imprisoned behind iron bars, and can for pastime reflect on this 'land of the free and home of the brave.' Fortunately, those who still believe this land to be 'free' are either fools or knaves. It is my conviction that every intelligent and upright man will admit that the United States of America are nowadays simply and purely the land of capitalistic tyranny and the home of the most brutal police despotism.

To waste words as regards our trail would be to carry water to the sea, so manifest were the machinations and hatred against us. As regards my alleged 'moral guilt,' which Judge Gary proclaimed in obedience to the wishes of the money aristocracy, I will here ask the reader two questions: If the police had not unlawfully attacked the people at the Haymarket, would the bomb have been thrown! If the police were not justified in violating the right of free assemblage, then would the unknown have had less desire and less right to throw the missle had I never existed!"