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Guess tons of folks must be checking out the sites, because for some reason can't put this on the feature, but here are some reports from people on the streets.


6:45 Anarchists are burning flags in the streets.
6:38 p.m.Dancin' in the Streets at the North Park Blocks listening to music.
6:06 p.m.the march is heading back down Burnside.
5:58 p.m.Chris Ferlazzo, and an SEIU labor union representative at Fred Meyer, speaking about the need to have solidarity with the janitors at Fred Meyers. Justice For Janitors!
5:50The march is moving north on 21st.
5:45 A woman speaking on behalf of PCUN, Sandra Gienezuala taling about unity among the immigrant workers. "Peace, Justice now!" "We are the union! We are the workers! We are the unions! Fighting for justice. "Sise Puerde!" The march is heading north on 21st.
5:42 p.m. Street theatre is going on in front of Taco Bell, with red balloons symbolizing the strugggles of tomato pickers, with giant tacos saying Taco Hell on them, trying to bite the tomato pickers heads off. A big puppet. The tomato pickers are yelling "union, union!" No Justice No Tacos!
5:32 p.m. we're at 20th and Burnside adjacent to PGE park, and all is well! Since the focus of this march is on the immigrant struggle, Latino communities head up the march, with many banners, including PCUN, Latinas United, and many others in spanish. The chant is Si se Puerde! ("Yes we can!")
5:12 p.m. At 9th and Burnside, as the march is walking west, a small group of 10-15 people seem to be trying to divert the march and get everyone to turn left. One of the people trying to divert the march was asked why they are doing this. He says it is because the path this march is taking doesn't have high enough visibility and so isn't really doing anything. He said they were trying to divert the march downtown where there was higher visibility. The march has continued, after stopping briefly westward down Burnside toward 23rd.
5:00 p.m We're at the INS building, around Broadway and Glisan and Martin Gonzalez was just speaking on the steps. He said that the if the U.S. gov't is going to keep doing what we're doing, it needs to go to Geneva and speak about our rights here in this country...
4:55 p.m. "It's a great march. We're at Broadway and Glisan. There's around 1200-1500 here, lots of labor groups and a nice black bloc contingent , there's lots of puppets and costumes and signs, a good spirit and we'll have pictures later!"
4:10 p.m. Around 600-700 people are at the North Park Blocks. So far one person has been arrested for jaywalking...The crowd is festive and getting ready to march soon.

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Wow, good job IMC reporter! 02.May.2002 13:17

an anarchist

Just because someone masks up for a protest doesn't mean they are an anarchist, it's broad genralizations and assumptions that cause people to get upset. Maybe they were anarchists, but why does it matter? Can't you say people are burning a flag.

it was a happy mayday 02.May.2002 13:55


Despite some conflicts and the projection of some stupid stereotypes, this mayday left me feeling like portland reached something closer to anti-racist, anti-classist, crosscutting of idealogy, solidarity than it often does. It is hard and sometimes confusing to build understanding and trust where there has been very little communication and much misunderstanding, but what is more necessary? Viva! Let's keep it growing, supporting the hard-fought struggles of our nieghbors and comrades, and finding that core of where all our struggles intersect. revolution.

we can do it! 02.May.2002 17:29


"Si, se PUEDE!"
" Si, se pudo!"

Why indeed? 07.May.2002 10:45


Indeed, why does the label of anarchist matter? But it obviously does to those who are anarchists, or why would they label themselves? If you don't want the label, don't give it to yourself. It seems strange (to me) that the anarchists dress the same, often look very similar and all walked together. Hmm. . .