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As of 15:00 local time a May Day event pirate radio signal has been detected in the Portland Metro area.
The signal on 98.1FM is carrying a mixture of music and apparently web sourced audio from worldwide May Day actions and street parties. It is unclear how widely the station can be heard or how long it will operate though it seems to have a reasonably strong signal in the downtown core. A similar station affiliated with Eugene Oregon based Radio Free Cascadia operated during Portland May Day 2000 but that broadcast turned out to be a "one-off" one-time transmission and no such activity was heard last year. The sponsorship of this transmission, identifying as "May Day Event Radio" remains unclear.
As of 16:30 signal is absent on 98.1FM 01.May.2002 16:39


It's 4:30 and there are 5 airships over downtown: Two black (both news choppers) one blue/white, one Dragonfly-style small chopper, and one additional unidentified chopper. I wonder what's going on down there?