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a betting pool on Bush's ouster

Bu$h facts preceded by a betting pool
2 weeks - 0
4 weeks - 0
6 weeks - 0
8 weeks - 0
10 weeks - 0
12 weeks - 1

1 = $5 or two loafs of bread

The $5 or two loafs of bread is putting my bet down 3 months from now the $hrub (Bush) will face impeachment by Congress over several of the issues below but will likely just resign and leave like Nixon.

Anybody else is welcome to join in this betting pool. Copy and paste the "BETTING POOL" in your reply with your bet down and include all known participant's emails. It doesn't have to be money--in fact make it something useful like food, glass or pottery.

Let us count the ways (add more if you can think of them in a reply):

* 2000 Florida voting precincts' operations tampered with/Florida State Supreme Court/Secretary of State/Florida State Police/Governor's Office all involved in acts of collusion to defraud and road block voters

* U.S. Supreme Court complicit in deciding 2000 "elections" thru stay of recount

* Cheney's Texas residency challenged by 12th Amendment prior to alleged election

* Bush/Richard B. Myers/Rumsfeld's prior knowledge of 9/11 | severe financial attacks on WTC-connected airlines' backoffice accounts hours before 9/11 | many international intelligence agencies had foreknowledge of 9/11 using intercept technologies | Bush had prior dealings with Carlyle, Saudi Arabia, bin Laden (roommate with brother in college)

* Approval and passage of unConstitutional USA PATRIOT Act | Library of Congress did not receive or archive text of bill before it passed the House and Senate as is standard with Senate bills signed or vetoed by the president; violation of compliancy with federal laws

* Bush complicit in Enron fiasco/borrowed Kenneth Lay's jet to campaign in 2000

* Implemented system of stand-by "shadow government" unConstitutional, misapplied with zero oversight outside of Executive Office

* Attempted Venezuela coup directly traced to Bush's Cabinet and advisors

* Complete illogicality in economic plans or actions not conducive to sound or sustainable economic policy using Bush's ways and means for planning prior national fiscal/monetary actions; may warrant extensive GAO reviews and audits (Economic Stimulus Bill)

* Illegal closures of EPA Superfund facilities defy federal laws; EPA ombudsman resigns in protest

homepage: homepage: http://www.efn.org/~winlundn/pub/bush.html