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bell hooks at Portland State University 4/25/02

bell hooks spoke.
The noted author and feminist thinker bell hooks spoke at Portland State University on April 26,2002 to a crowd of over 1,500 people in an event sponsored by student groups and the Women's Studies program at PSU.
The crowd, which was largely women and students of both sexes, gave hooks many rounds of applause, especially during her attacks on "imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy".
However, since bell hooks is not Michael Ruppert nor Michael Moore, no reporting on her speech and the effect of the event in the African-American community, the student community and the community of women in Portland will appear in the main section of Portland IndyMedia. Nor will an analysis or listing of her literary work over the past 30 years and its influence on both feminist thinking and within African-American debates appear on Portland IndyMedia. Ditto for the interview. No photos either.
this is in the main section. got more? 27.Apr.2002 01:58

portland editorial guy

portland indymedia features are based on what folks go out and cover and post to the newswire. Your story is short, but it is original reporting on an important event, so up it goes. Could you give us more details about the event, so we could make a more substantial feature? And if you have links that should be added to it, please provide those as well.

thanks for posting, and please keep doing so. and please remember, everyone: portland indymedia does not exist to give you the news. portland indymedia exists so YOU can give people the news. that's what open publishing is about.

BTW -- it's sometimes pretty easy to get interviews with speakers. did you try to contact bell or her agent about that? next time, give it a try. a lot of these people are pretty accessible.

post your stories !! they'll get made into features !! but you need to post 'em first !!

more added 27.Apr.2002 09:50


your wish is our command. . .there is now added to the feature a couple Bell Hooks articles linked and a Znet interview as well. . .

i knew very little about her except her name, and so it is interesting to read a bit in order to add to the feature story. . .

anyone can cover such an event. . .then post about it, and also post a good website listing her writings, post some articles etc. . .

then this person has really made a whole feature, except for bringing those parts together, which then becomes easier for the people creating features (which any interested person can also do. . .it's fun and creatively satisfying)


It is good to be proven wrong 27.Apr.2002 20:25

Just another white guy

Thank you, Portland IndyMedia.

cspan , may 5, watch it 28.Apr.2002 11:54


She's gonna be on cspan may 5 from noon-3pm just takin calls and just talkin about whateva

to just another white guy 29.Apr.2002 22:37

portland indy activist

please keep posting stories to the newswire about issues and events that people should know about. original coverage gets featured !!