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M1 PDX : Police make room for activists

County prison space being made for MayDay activists.
I was still thinking about the LA Lakers kicking Trailblazer ass and what weird connections there were w/ Kroeker leaving PDX for mebbe LA when KATU ran a little blurb on 40 random county prisoners being released to make room for May Day protestors.

I looked through the KATU and Oregonian site to make see if I could back this up but couldn't find it. A friend of mine also saw the broadcast so, that's my word. Just sending this out as a heads up. If someone has more info, please post and get the news out.

Looking forward to a rad May Day!!!
Corporate News at it's Finest 26.Apr.2002 22:11

the chomsky virus

I saw the news at 5:00 am they aired a story about preparations for May Day. It opend with cops rushing people on a side walk, some scuffles, and then some angry white male in a t-shirt kicking a parked cop car while being hand cuffed.

The voice overs and interviews centered around letting people out of prision and how they determine who that will be. They also framed the "protesters" as a general pain in the ass without rhyme or reason for causing the over-worked police to have to let people out on to the street before their sentence was up.

Finally, most of the images of "released prisioners" and "people in prision" were 20 something year old women. Maybe that was to keep people calm about their release.

All in all network news never has yet to cease to both amaze and frighten me with it's mindless coverage. In contrast to this type of reporting, a headline at www.commondreams.org today was...


Network TV, the Lie and Drug of America

Yes, KGW Ran The Story Too 27.Apr.2002 01:06


Yes, KGW 8 ran that story on their 11:00pm news tonight. Basically said that the police were going to be releasing prisoners from jail Monday/Tuesday to make room for any May Day arrests - story said they wanted to make sure they had room - just in case...

Don't forget the soap on a rope 27.Apr.2002 01:10

lock'em up

You can have your web-site back after May Day, until then me and my friends are posting all over it.

If I have this right you folks are not only making life hard for ambulance drivers and fire men, but people who should be in jail might not be there because of your sorry asses. If anyone gets killed raped or robed we'll know who to blame.

you shoudn't kick cop cars 27.Apr.2002 01:21

I get 12 MPG

"They also framed the "protesters" as a general pain in the ass"

But protesters are a pain in the ass......

Process Servers will be busy if cops get busy 27.Apr.2002 01:29

Lock NO ONE up

Hey lock 'em up....be ready for process servers pounding on your door day and night.

Zero tolerance for First Amendment violations. Sue the city. Sue the cops. Make them pay if anyone is assaulted or arrested.

dang we might agree on something 27.Apr.2002 02:00

Lock'em up

I guess you really are just trying to help out the working stiff, I bet the process servers wouldn't mind the work. Plus I forgot about all the over time pay for the cops, jail gards, and the people who make pepper spray.

Maybe you're the good guys after all.

Instant Bias 27.Apr.2002 08:09


I too saw the news piece on opening up room for protesters. Does anyone remember the fact that there was something in the neighborhood of 2000 people marching peacefully in the streets last year? When the police backed off their terror tactics of the previous year, there was no problem.

Now I understand we are dealing with a "post 9/11" mentality, but the fact that the media and law enforcement are already starting a smear campaign only reaffirms their distain for our constitutional rights.

I expect a massive crowd of joyous, peaceful marchers. I wish I could say the same for our law enforcement agencies.

As for the news, well, nothing they do is surprising.

if it wasnt for protest 27.Apr.2002 09:04

working stiff

If it wasn't for protest you people would still be working 16 hour days with no protection or weekends.

Bush himself endorsed peaceful protest as being a democratic expression
when he complained about the protestors being fired on in Venezuala!

How can you go wrong with that logic? Your own chosen man telling you to protest in the streets!

organizing 27.Apr.2002 19:35


Actually protesting was the easy part in gaining our rights as workers, organizing was the hard part. Come to think of it, it wasn't all that easy protesting back then either, because it wasn't always peaceful!