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Timber Sale Comments Due

Please mail comments to the Hood River Ranger district on the proposed Bear Knoll Timber Sale by May Day! This sale is over 800 acres with 217 acres of clear-cuts, old growth logging, and much road building in a Tier 2 Key Watershed (used for domestic drinking water).
Bear Knoll Comments Due May 1st

The Hood River Ranger District of Mt. Hood NF has requested scoping comments on the proposed BearKnoll EIS due May 1st. Originally planned as an Environmental Assessment (EA), the Hood River Ranger District is re-scoping the sale to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) instead. Commenting on sales while they are in the scoping period is an important way to influence the direction of the sale. Please mail you comments today!

Suggested Comments:

To Ms. Kim Titus, District Ranger

Hood River Ranger District

6780 Highway 35

Mt. Hood/Parkdale OR


I am writing to comment on the Bear Knoll Vegetation Restoration and Transportation Management project.

NO NEW ROAD CONSTRUCTION: There is no need to build and "reconstruct" 7.5 miles of road in a Tier 2 Watershed. Under the NW Forest Plan, one of the standards and guidelines for a Tier 2 Watershed is to reduce road density. There is no such thing as a 'temporary' road.

NO LOGGING MATURE & OLD GROWTH FOREST: In contrast to the justifications provided by the USFS, logging native forest does not improve the scenic quality of a forest, and threatens forest health.

Please examine the CUMULATIVE IMPACTS of the Bear Knoll sale to previous sales in the area, and especially the Juncrock and Hilynx sales currently in the planning process.

Please include a RESTORATION ONLY ALTERNATIVE that includes road obliteration and includes NO COMMERCIAL LOGGING OF NATIVE FOREST.

Name, Address

Basic stats on Bearknoll:

- 821 acres total: 217 regeneration (clear-cut) acres, 564 commercial thin acres, 21 overstory removal acres (specifically targets old growth), 19 riparian reserve thinning acres.

- 4.3 miles of temporary roads, "reconstruction" of 3.2 miles road.

- Located between Highway 26 and the White River, just north of Warm Spring Reservation. It is north and west of the junction of Highway 26 and road 43, along the 2640, 2610 and 4320 road networks.

- Issues of concern include old-growth logging, effects to spotted owls, road building in a Tier 2 watershed, and logging old-growth and mature trees in the Highway 26 scenic viewshed.

More Information (including Map and Scoping letter) available on www.bark-out.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org