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U.S. Aid To Israel

U.S. Aid To Israel


Benefits to Israel of U.S. Aid
Since 1949 (As of November 1, 1997)

Foreign Aid Grants and Loans

Other U.S. Aid (12.2% of Foreign Aid)

Interest to Israel from Advanced Payments

Grand Total

Total Benefits per Israeli
$14,630 Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S.
Aid to Israel

Grand Total (from above)

Interest Costs Borne by U.S.

Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers

Total Cost per Israeli

Latest News...

Foreign Aid Bill Passes Overwhelmingly

The US Senate overwhelmingly passed the fiscal year 2002 Foreign Operations Appropriations bill by a vote of 96-2. The Senate version of the foreign aid bill, is similar to the version passed earlier this year in the House. It contains $2.04 billion in military aid and $720 million in economic aid for Israel, as well as important provisions which enable Israel to maximize the benefits of the aid such as payment of the money in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Great Return on Investment 26.Apr.2002 23:49

Declined to state

My understanding is that AiPAC gives $6 million per year to politicians, and in return Israel gets 2 billion per year.

Pretty good rate of return. I wonder whether Israel sends some of that 2 billion back to be reinvested in US politics?

A Civilian of Peace 27.Apr.2002 11:47


I propose that consideration be given to a plan to change the nature of the "Occupied Territories" land in the Palestinian-Israel dispute.

I propose a bargain for both peoples. Let that land be dedicated as a Territory of Peace. Let those nations which openly financed the devastating violence on both sides pay reparation by financing a University For Peace Research in that territory and let them also finance the building of settlements for Palestinians who are wholeheartedly committed to learning peaceful coexistance. And make it law that all Jewish and Palestinian persons who will not swear to absolute Peace by their respective religions and sign such an oath must leave.

And let this Territory of Peace be sworn to as sacred to all Palestinians and Israelis, whatever other problems occur elsewhere.