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You people are so stupid

You people are a F***ing joke
Look, here's how it works. If you want me to change my capitalist pig ways try helping me out, rather than invading my town for a day or two (or a year or two incase you're a greener. I'm an Evergreen grad and at this point I think they should make the place UW Olympia) and doing things that piss me off, jack my taxes, and litter my streets. Work for better mass transit. The reason I drive my truck everywhere is because I can't get where I need to go on the bus! Work to get more organic foods in the grocery stores. The best way to do this is to buy the organic stuff that's all ready there (I do!), or how about getting all your summer veggies at the farmers market (I try!). But, oops you can't do any of that 'cause you'll only be in town long enough to smoke some pot and stop some traffic. You won't be here long enough or engaged in activities relevant enough to achieve any of the goals you've set out. So, why don't you just admit to the world that you're just a bunch of spoiled children who are mad at your mommies. Then go throw your temper tantrums at home in private and leave my town alone. Oh, and if your a greener from out of state, why don't you go back to where you came from.
a capitalist pig? 25.Apr.2002 23:39

to even say that..

Most of that lot set wouldnt even set foot in a natural foods store, let alone consider taking mass transit.
(even if they knew they were choking the planet, wouldnt care less even if their kids died of lung cancer ).
I only hope there are a lot less of them then I think there are.

At least the attitude is set right.

YES! 26.Apr.2002 08:43


My sentiments exactly

who 26.Apr.2002 11:02


the hell

are you

talking about ?

just because you live a rural organic life in Oregon USA planet Earth (and are probably Caucasian, and male gender)

doesn't mean you're entitled to the remarks above

ideally, EVERYONE on planet Earth should be living the organic lifestyle, and drive automobiles as little as possible




we're all part of the big picture doing what we can

mister grouchy poo has a bad wittle attitude 26.Apr.2002 12:14


oh god youre sooooo right. you do come off like a complete dickhead.

-lump everyone into a category

-describe them so they know what theyre all about

-dont question the limits of your own freedom

-working at 7-11 and walmart fucking rules

-evryone should do jumping jacks for jesus and the american flag

or get fucking nuked for thinking too much

-god bless me....... and only me

sellout 26.Apr.2002 18:20


Now thats funny Indy sellenout. Who would have ever guessed?

you're gonna get some one killed 27.Apr.2002 00:52

stay out of Oly

Umm..... That comment about people not caring about their kids dieing of cancer, it would seem that the idiot street blockers are the ones that don't care if people die. 'cause medics can't get through a blocked street. Duh!

'oh and by the way when that person in the back of an aid car dies because they couldn't get to the hospital on time,do to the street you blocked, you will go to jail on some form of murder charge.

Dummo 27.Apr.2002 08:06


Huh? See da plats is wha I wan do be da, ya see? cus i got sa fel plan is goin to da ma, cus i sai i be fine.

da sai is grey

jose bove?

i'm wealthy 28.Apr.2002 11:51


i luv bush

i cant spel

my life's kush

go to hel