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"Al- Qaida and Middle East terrorists are operating near Ecuador's borders"

"Al- Qaida and Middle East terrorists are operating near Ecuador's borders with Peru and Colombia"
A bit of history on MR.Armitage Dept Sec of State #2 under Powell.
Video: Asking for more money!
"Al- Qaida and Middle East terrorists are operating near Ecuador's borders"
"Al- Qaida and Middle East terrorists are operating near Ecuador's borders"
IRAN-CONTRA: Several figures -- including Theodore Shackley, Thomas
Clines and Richard Armitage - later associated with the Iran Contra
scandal were involved in Project Phoenix, which was financed in part
with opium money. It has been alleged that the close relationship with
SE Asian drug dealers continued after the US withdrawal from Vietnam,
with Iran used as a conduit for drugs and money. It has also been
reported that, as a sequel to Project Phoenix, an off-the- books
assassination program was established in Iran.

AFTER THE VIETNAM WAR: At the end of 1975, Armitage became as a special
consultant to the Department of Defense, working out of Bangkok and
dealing with unrepatriated prisoners and the missing in action.
Armitage also started a mysterious business called the Far East Trading
Company. Meanwhile, from 1976 to 1979 in Iran, Richard Secord was
supervising the sale of US military aircraft and weapons to Middle
Eastern nations. During this same period, there are reports that
Shackley, Clines, Secord, and Armitage set up several curious
corporations and subsidiaries around the world including Lake
Resources, Stanford Technology Trading Group, Companie de Services
Fiduciaria, CSF Investments and Udall Research Corporation.

ARMITAGE AND BURMA: UNOCAL is the leading American investor in Myanmar,
a target of widespread sanctions and boycotts for its repressive
regime. In 1997 Richard Armitage reportedly went to Burma on a trip
sponsored by the Burma/ Myanmar Forum, a Washington group with major
funding from UNOCAL

OLIVER NORTH, "UNDER FIRE:" [William] Casey handed [Robert] McFarlane a
sheet of paper on which he had outlined plans for a new CIA
anti-terrorism unit . . . [it] officially sanctioned a secret entity
with a mandate to coordinate our government's response to international
terrorism - preemptively if possible, retroactively if necessary. I
became its first chairman . . . My associates on the Task Force
included Noel Koch (and later Richard Armitage) from Defense, Dewey
Clarridge and Charlie Allen from the CIA, Buck Revell and Wayne Gilbert
from the FBI, Bob Oakley from State, and Art Moreau (and later General
Jack Moellering) from the Joint Chiefs of Staff"

REAGAN ADMINISTRATION, Richard Armitage as an Assistant Secretary
of Defense was the Pentagon's highest-ranking official in charge of
covert warfare, arms shipments and POW affairs

CURRENTLY the Deputy Secretary of State number 2 Under Powell!