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2,000 march in Portland

2,000 people marched through NE Portland, across the Broadway Bridge and into Downtown Portland to protest the massacure and occupation of Palestine and to support the solidarity marches across the globe.
The marcher stretched for several blocks. Portland police blocked the streets aws we marched. At Pioneer Square 2,000 people+ listened to speakers. MORE TO COME....
Please learn to count 20.Apr.2002 20:40

Just a bystander

Hyping our numbers doesn't help our organizing. There weren't 2,000 protestors in the Square.
It is not that difficult to count our numbers. If they are marching stand on the sidelines for a moment and count the row across, then multiply times the number of rows.
If they are standing still, then just count them.
Don't multiply by two.
The police routinely cut our numbers in two or four for media estimates. We are not the opposite of the police - we are different altogether.
There were fewer than a thousand people in the Square. That doesn't mean that it wasn't a successful event. But "tell no lies, claim no easy victories." The truth is revolutionary enough.