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Security? Security?!

Urgent Carvival street theater kicked off stage at Eugene Earth Day Celebration
Several Urgent Carnival singers took over the space in front of the "exclusive" stage at the Downtown Eugene Management (DEMI) celebration of Earth Day at about 2:30pm on A20.

Eugene Mobilzation for Global Justice organizers had previously been denied access to the stage because DEMI considers Earth Day to be apolitical.

Members of the Urgent Carnival (a local street theater group), decided to give a taste of what the crowd had been missing in their "apolitical" entertainment.

The "official" MC on the stage repeatedly asked the "unauthorized performance" to "leave the stage area" but Carnival singers persisted and managed to finish before security could move in.

DEMI may want to reconsider their 'apolitical' stance as the crowd at the stage appeared to enjoy the 'political' content offered by singers.

For Love and Revolution,