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9.11 investigation

A20 Update from a portland indymedia reporter in D.C.

Barb, a portland indymedia reporter in D.C., phoned in an update from the actions in D.C., on Saturday, April 20, 4:45 PST. This account is paraphrased from notes I typed during our conversation. Thanks for calling, Barb!
"This is one of the most incredible things I've ever been to. So many people, so many energies. Everybody had their own flag or sign to represent themselves. Gay/Les/Bi, all colors. The crowd is very diverse; less than half white. The organizations, too, are very diverse, and from all over the country. Just standing there, hearing six different chants going on around you, all equally loud, and people everywhere, it was incredible."

"There were three or four different rallies this morning, including one for Palestine and one against the IMF and World Bank. Starting from different locations, they all took the streets and marched, converging on the lawn in front of the Capitol Building for speeches, tabling, etc. I was with the Palestine march. Organizers estimated there were 20,000 of us. When all the marches came together, it was 60-75,000. People as far as the eye could see. It was something else!"

"There was a festival-atmosphere, with hackey sacks and drumming, people selling tee-shirts, a group like Seattle's Infernal Noise Brigade. Cynthia McKinney spoke about 9.11 and the need for an investigation. Many speakers and signs and chants, especially in the Palestine march, were not in English. It was great."

"Some of the marches were permitted and some not, I believe, but tomorrow's rally [on Sunday] is not permitted. There were police helicopters flying all around above us. I only saw 40-50 police myself. They were on horses and bikes, or in riot gear standing behind barricades looking solemn. They didn't want to get involved with us. They were just staying out of our way."

"It was an historic event. To see that many people out for peace was really amazing. I don't know where this 80% approval comes from. My message: Fuck Bush and fuck his corporate media whores."

DC Police Chief says "God bless them"! 20.Apr.2002 20:03


I was amazed by the excellent coverage given as of Saturday evening, April 20, by Reuters. What's even more amazing is that Chief Charles Ramsey has come out saying that "it's good for all of us" and "as long as it's like this, God bless them." Here are some quotes from the Reuters article, and the URL at yahoo.com. These articles sometimes disappear from the web after a few days.


Tens of Thousands Protest in U.S. Capital
Sat Apr 20, 5:34 PM ET
By Tim Ahmann

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chanting, singing and beating drums, tens of thousands of protesters converged on the U.S. capital on Saturday to demonstrate against the U.S.-led war on terror, Israeli military actions in the West Bank and globalization.

Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey unofficially estimated there were between 35,000 and 50,000 demonstrators, the force's press office said, while organizers put the figure at above 50,000, perhaps as high as 70,000.


Police said there had been no arrests as of late afternoon. "There are just large numbers of people who want to have their voices heard and that's what America is all about, so it's good for all of us," Ramsey said.
"As long as it's like this, God bless them."


can Barb contact me? 23.Apr.2002 15:16

Doc tukraal@hotmail.com

Barb said:
"There was a festival-atmosphere, ..., a group like Seattle's Infernal Noise Brigade.

I would like to get in contact with this group to share information etc, if Barb or anyone else knows how to get ahold of these folk, I'd be much obliged.
Infernal Noise Brigade