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9.11 investigation

Defending Cynthia McKinney

"recovering Republican" and Former Assistant Secretary of Housing in the First Bush Administration, Catherine Austin Fitts defends Cynthia McKinney's call for investigation.

April 16, 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I was deeply disappointed to read your editorial regarding Congresswoman
McKinney's efforts to hold government accountable for performance.

On September 11, America experienced a horrible failure of our national
security and intelligence infrastructure. Despite our investing
approximately $350 billion a year in what is supposed to be the world's
finest military and intelligence capacity, over 3,000 people died as the
world watched helpless to do a thing. An hour after the first act of war,
the Pentagon could not protect its own headquarters. Shortly thereafter, we
were asked to underwrite a $48 billion increase in the Pentagon's budget, on
the theory that more money would make us safe.

Congresswoman McKinney has asked that we investigate whether the reports by
numerous mainstream press that we had been warned are true and why they
failed to help protect us. She has also asked why there is $2.3 trillion
missing at the Pentagon as confirmed by Secretary Rumsfeld in Congressional
Testimony before the Armed Services Committee of which Congresswoman
McKinney is a member.

Your readers, Georgia taxpayers, based on 1999 IRS Individual taxes for the
state of Georgia, pay $5,324 every year for ever man, woman and child. Of
that amount, based on the President's budget before the 9-11 increases,
$4,595, or approximately 85% went to the eleven agencies who based on
Senator Thompson's report "Government on the Brink" and Congressman Horn's
annual report card could not produce reliable financial systems or financial
audits, as required. Of those eleven agencies, two (Department of Defense
and HUD) are missing over $3.3 trillion between fiscal 1998-2000.

By calling for traditional standards of transparency and accountability in
government, Congresswoman McKinney is trying to make sure that the citizens
of Georgia do not have to pay even more while they get even less. She merits
your respect and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Catherine Austin Fitts, President Solari
Former Assistant Secretary of
Housing, First Bush Administration, Former Managing Director & Member of the
Board, Dillon Read & Co. Inc.


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More about Catherine Austin Fitts 20.Apr.2002 21:26


Catherine Austin Fitts interviewed on Flashpoints (KPFA radio) by Dennis Bernstein 2/12/02
Former Assistant Secretary at HUD under George the First, Catherine Austin Fitts, a self-described "recovering Republican", had VERY interesting things to say about Enron and American "contractors" and the vast financial swindles that go on behind the scenes. Listen to the interview online at  http://www.flashpoints.net :
"Are Congress and the FBI doing their duty? The first thing you must do: find out where did the cash go? get copies of all transfers.. instead they let them shred documents.. 2nd thing: make sure assets are not transferred.. but last week, Enron Online transferred to a Swiss bank.. a transfer of assets while in bankruptcy.. unprecedented.. last week the company board saying management and auditors admitting to shredding documents.. but the government has massive contracts with both Enron and Andersen, and the government has not cancelled the contracts.. when they went after Noreiga, they swept the foreign banks and seized over 2 billion dollars.. with Enron they do nothing.. from what I can tell, the Department of Justice and Congress do not want to get to the bottom of the scandal"...
"Sam Smith of the Progressive Review said. "Corruption in Washington is not a conspiracy, it's a culture"
"Either we have 500+ of the most corrupt legislators or 500+ of the most scared"
"One of the scariest things [about Enron investigation] is that the Cayman Islands did a press release that they would be delighted to help out those investigating the Enron scandal -- but they have had NO requests from the US government. I.E., Is there an investigation?"
"Dyncorp is making big money off the "drug war", the prison system, and probably the "war on terrorism". Dyncorp helped implement public housing rules such as: if a mother in does not know that her child has a stick of marijuana, she will still be thrown out of her house. And here we have the head of Dyncorp, Pug Winokur, also chairman of the Enron Finance Committee, testifying "I'm incompetent, I didn't know what was happening", so that's supposed to make it okay?
"149 billion dollars have gone missing from HUD since 1997. Dyncorp and Lockheed run the computers at HUD. Was Enron a laundromat for this kind of money? A lot of their offshore partnerships started in 1997"
"Employees of Dyncorp have been revealed as trafficking in human sex slaves" [see below]
"Dyncorp has the goods on the Justice Department"

Do a Google search on [ "Catherine Austin Fitts" Winokur ] for several articles of interest

Check out  http://www.dyncorp-sucks.com/dyncorp.htm
...pretty hot website in general  http://www.dyncorp-sucks.com/


Exposing the workings of "The Criminal Syndicate that is Running our Government": Catherine Austin Fitts interviewed by Dennis Bernstein on Flashpoints 2/26/02
[notes:] What is Dyncorp? It is "what it takes to make fascism operationally feasible"....Dyncorp is a private company paid by taxpayers "to collect and manage trillions of gigabytes of data about all sorts of stuff. For example, they manage contracts on the war on drugs at the dept of justice, HUD, and the dept of state... Part of that is managing the data to make the war on drugs feasible.... so you have an operation that has the files from all the above plus IRS and Promis software for banking, money laundering ... helping the CIA and NSA put together the databases for surveillance and control ...
..."Q: How come Dyncorp is capable of carrying out... illicit activities, say in conjuction with Enron... and they can get away with it. How come?
"A: The single most important thing to implementing 'friendly fascism' is having a control file system. A control file is a file like a "J. Edgar Hoover" file... a file you have on any person who is allowed to control or manage resources in govt and corporations. The idea being, the way you get implemented what you need is you never let anybody rise to a positon of authority unless you've got a file on them with skeletons that will cause them to do what you want."...
Listen to the audio at  http://www.flashpoints.net/


"Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and a past Managing Director of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon Read noted that Enron's trading patterns, internet money movements and [other activities] were consistent with a large-scale money laundering operation."...


"A Simple Whole World Setting for Convergence of Community Development and Drug Related Covert Operations" by Catherine Austin Fitts, Spring, 1999
..."Pitted in competition for our attention and consumer and tax dollar are the Liquidators. The worse we do the better the Liquidators do. We have poverty management and maintenance, organized crime, security, enforcement, prisons, and the justice system. The problem with the Liquidators system is that it is not sustainable. They liquidate asset value as they gain market share so that when they are through, there is no asset value left.
"This, in fact, is the system goal in economic cleansing. You liquidate a population by selling them drugs. Once their physical and financial health is liquidated, you buy up their real estate and land for a song (or seize it in forfeiture so you can play the game anew) and then make money processing them into subsidized housing or into a prison or into a grave. It is essentially a sharecropping system. It is a race between how fast they can reproduce and learn and how fast you can liquidate them on a profitable basis.
..."both the Post Toasties and Liquidators and the Landlords and Pension and Mutual Funds share a common goal. That is keeping the entire equity participation in the hands of the producers and their owners and out of the hands of consumers. The way to do that is by keeping all the knowledge away from the consumer about how the money works"...


on Prisons, letter to NY Times by Catherine Austin Fitts 3/7/99
..."The prison companies are marketing one vision of America with their prison and prisoner growth rates, while the consumer companies are marketing another. The two are not compatible. CCA's assumptions regarding the growth in arrests and incarceration can not be true if Fannie Mae's, Freddie Mac's and Sallie Mae's assumptions about homeownership and college education rates are. We, the people, cannot refinance our mortgages or buy homes or raise our children and send them to college if we are in jail. Meantime, the municipal debt market is also facing conflicting positions. If prison bonds are a good investment, then some general obligation bonds may be in trouble. We, the taxpayers, can not support the debt: we are no longer taxpayers. We have become prisoners. Whatever we are generating in prison labor, it is certainly not enough to pay for the $154,000 per prisoner per year costs indicated for the full system by the General Accounting Office."...