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A20 Worldwide Solidarity against war and greed- tommorrow...in Portland and across the nation!
A20- Portland - Rally at 1:00 PM - March at 2:00 PM. Meet at Holiday Park in NE Portland...tommorrow. Don't forget. Don't be afraid. Love is but a song we sing and fear is the way we die!
Where is Holiday park? 20.Apr.2002 10:29


Where is Holiday park? Can someone please post an address?

Near Lloyd Center 20.Apr.2002 11:50


It's a sweet little park right by the NE 7th Ave MAX station. See you there!

address 20.Apr.2002 12:52


More on address for A20 gathering today:

Location: Holladay Park, just south of Lloyd Center On NE 7th
Time: 12:30 Meditation Vigil for Peace
1:00 Rally, with dancing, drums, speeches
2:00 or so, March to Terry Schrunk Plaza