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Seattle Police to use mass violence tomorrow! Urgent

hmm so some acc people just got out of a meeting with the police. They have reversed what they said earlier. They will attack/arrest anyone who tries to go onto the street or jaywalks or litters or interfers with pedestrians or anything else they can construe as illegal.
Hey, this is going out to just about everyone. Please pass along!
Urgent message from the ACC.

Just to keep this in perspective the World Bank and IMF are responsible for the deaths of 6 MILLION children a year.

We just got out of a meeting with the POLICE. They have completely reversed what they've said during the last month (and specifically at a meeting on monday). They are now not willing to compromise or negotiate or be flexible on anything related to tomorrow. We hoped to avoid illegal police violence. That now seems impossible. The new SPD position is basically this. Anyone who does anything they can construe as unlawful Jaywalking-littering-"pedestrian interference"-parading without a permit-being in the way of someone they want to arrest- will be attacked and/or arrested. They say that regardless of how they have reacted to other demos (including the demo that blocked I5 without police interference) they will not be "flexible" tomorrow. People who get in the way "might be hurt" etc but that's their fault for not getting out of the way. They said the police actions tomorrow will be consistent with the way they handled the last rts party. Oh and they denied one of our only requests- that Lt Daniel Whelan not be at the demo. The guy in charge tomorrow said Whelan is one of the most experienced people with demonstrations. So ya the guy who walked onto the sidewalk and punched a girl (and then attacked a witness) in the face unprovoked will be one of the Lt's.

Things are obviously going ahead as planned. This policy of intimidation will not suceed. We will take to the streets and we will make our voices heard. Please Please Please- Plan for your safety. Our strength is numbers and unity. Tomorrow we will have thousands in the streets. Now more then ever we must stand up and say no more. We're tired of the brutality, the killings, the degradation heaped upon those who aren't rich enough or white enough or those not "lucky" enough to be born in the right country.
We must stand up for our rights.
We need you tomorrow. Justice now.
Solidarity with all those struggling to create a better more just world.

Acc web person- complied from report from two acc'ers.

I apologize for the spelling and grammatical errors. These are crazy times.
Sue Hard. Make the Cops Pay for Misconduct. 19.Apr.2002 20:30


If anyone gets arrested on a pretext or for exercising their Constitutional rights, SUE.

If anyone gets assaulted by the police or brutalized in custody, SUE.

If bystanders are arrested, assaulted, or intimidated by the police, have them SUE.

Publicize all police misconduct, including names and badge numbers if possible. Make them pay for any unconstitutional and/or abusive behavior.

And make sure the progress of any cases (either against participants or against the police) is common knowledge. Repressive forces are like cockroaches; they do their dirty work in darkness and run fleeing from the light.