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Fall Creek Tree-Sit Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary!

Cascadia Forest Defenders is celebrating the Fall Creek 4-year anniversary of occupation at the Clark timber sale! They are also using this milestone to send a strong message to Zip-O-Log Mills and the Forest Service to cancel this sale once and for all and get out of our forests!!! Below is a press release from CFD.
April 19, 2002

Fall Creek Tree-Village Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary of Occupation at the Clark timber sale!

EUGENE, OR -- Cascadia Forest Defenders activists have been occupying the Clark timber sale since April 20, 1998 and are celebrating the four-year anniversary of the Fall Creek Tree Village this Saturday, April 20. The campaign is the longest known continuous tree-sitting protest against logging in U.S. history.

In 1998, with a lone tree-sit named Happy, the occupation of the 96 acre, low-elevation old-growth Clark timber sale began. In a short time, one tree-sit grew into a tree-village with up to 7 tree-sits occupied over time by hundreds of activists. The activists took to the trees and blockaded roads when Zip-O-Log Mills of Eugene began cutting trees and building new roads into the timber sale units in early 1998. Tunnels and ditches were also constructed on the roads. The activists have, literally, put their bodies between the machines of destruction and the remainder of the wild. Activists have endured four years of endless rain, bitter cold, harassment by Forest Service LEO's (law enforcement officers), threats, seiges, closures, raids, arrests...and still they remain.

There will be several activities planned at the tree-village beginning Friday April 19 and ending Sunday April 21. Although our community is deeply saddened by the death of our comrade, Horehound, last weekend at the Eagle Creek timber sale, we have decided to proceed with the events at Fall Creek in her honor. Activities include workshops, hikes, skill sharing (including climbing safety), and, of course, an anniversary celebration. And on Monday, April 22, there will be a Fall Creek Rally and Critical Mass bike ride from Zip-O-Log Mills to the Forest Service office. Activists will be demonstrating against logging the Clark sale and telling Zip-O to get out of the sale while they can!

Rachel Kingston, an activist involved in the on-going campaign, said, "We've been here for four years and we'll be here for four more if that's what it takes to cancel this sale. We are trying to send a strong message to Zip-O and the Forest Service that if they want to put an end to controversy; they need to put an end to logging our public forests."

Background on the Clark timber sale
The Clark timber sale is comprised of 96 acres of ancient and native forest (some more than 700 years old) in the Willamette National Forest, 45 miles outside Eugene, Oregon. One of the most controversial sales in Oregon, the Clark timber sale was first introduced in 1991 and subsequently held up in a spotted owl lawsuit. After the Northwest Forest Plan was approved in 1994, Clark was re-introduced and sold to Zip-O-Log Mills in 1998. Zip-O then began building roads into the units and activists began occupying the trees and blockading the roads. No logging has occurred since.

In 1999, a lawsuit against the Forest Service required the Forest Service to complete rare species surveys under Survey and Manage protocols of the Northwest Forest Plan. As part of those requirements, surveys were conducted on the red tree vole (RTV) at the Clark sale. Several of the nests were found by citizen activists that were dissatisfied with the surveys performed by the Forest Service. In response to this unique combination of direct action, activist surveys, and lawsuits, the Forest Service, on January 22, 2002 issued a report which reduced the sale, from 96 acres to 29 acres because of RTV nest buffers. However, nothing has been finalized yet and negotiations between the Forest Service and Zip-O-Logs are being conducted.

Cascadia Forest Defenders is an all-volunteer group of activists dedicated to halting the destruction of native forests through a variety of tactics including direct action in the forest. The activists vow to remain in the forest until the sale is cancelled once and for all!


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