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FBI issues 'terrorist' warnings to demonize A20 protesters

It's easy to see right through this particular piece of propaganda. The FBI is issuing this alert so they associate A20 protesters in DC with terrorists, and keep demonstrators away from banks there. Let's watch as the corporate media goes along with it, unquestioningly, like a drugged animal on a leash. We should issue our own "bullshit alerts" when this kind of crap comes out. Okay, I guess I just did, with this post.
FBI Issues Alert of Threats on U.S. Banks
Fri Apr 19, 1:58 PM ET
>> commentary lovingly inserted within these brackets throughout. <<

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government has received "unsubstantiated information" that "unspecified terrorists" are considering physical attacks against U.S. financial institutions, the FBI (news - web sites) said on Friday.

>> Don't you just love "unsubstantiated" and "unspecified"? We're supposed to believe this? Where's the evidence? BTW, this is exactly the way they've defended the official 9.11 narrative so far, too. "Just trust us. We know what's good for you." Fuck that noise. <<

The FBI alert, which came as the world's finance ministers gathered in Washington for the IMF (news - web sites) and World Bank (news - web sites) meeting, said the information shows the attacks would be in the northeast, particularly on banks.

>> Here the article gives away why this alert is issued now. Brazenly, the planned protests against those institutions are disingenuously left out. Replace "FBI" with "activist" and "attacks" with "protests", and you've got a sentence with some truth and merit. <<

"While the FBI has no information about any specific plot or threats to any specific institution, out of an abundance of caution an alert has been transmitted to law enforcement and to financial institutions."

>>"out of an abundance of caution" -- ooh, i LOVE this phrase. Try, "out of a desire to demonize and control lawful dissent" and you're right on the money. <<

It said those were in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington, D.C.

>> Sure, just go ahead and stir the pot in the whole NE corridor. Perhaps this can be used as an excuse to stop people who are traveling to D.C. in order to harrass them, er, pardon me, check to see if they're "terrorist"? <<

The alert has been provided to law enforcement and financial institutions who have been requested to report any threats or suspicious activity to their local FBI office, FBI said.

>> In other words, "Call us if you don't like them folks with signs and masks. We got the perfect excuse to round 'em up and lock 'em up. It's fer nashnull security." This is complete bullshit. <<

huh? 19.Apr.2002 12:52

antayla antayla@hotmail.com

Hmm... this doesn't seem like what you make it out to be to me... It could be, but it seems unlikely..

Let us read between the lines ourselves 19.Apr.2002 16:02

I can read

It is not necessary to interpret every sentence or every paragraph of either the FBI announcement or that of the 'official' news media for us.
Give us a break. If only for the sake of not interrupting the flow of text, put your responses at the end of their tripe.
Yes, I believe that the FBI announcement is directed at the A20 protests, not those pesky terrorists. The response of the Seattle police who were blaming "Portland Reclaim the Streets and Anti-Capitalist Convergence" (non-existent groups, as least here in Portland) is in a similar vein.
But please don't insult the intelligence of readers on IndyMedia. Your comments are not needed to hold our hands on every sentence.

more 19.Apr.2002 21:00

still suspicious

To antayla: Check out this story from Madison Indymedia:

"Anti-War Protesters Called 'Potential Terrorists'; Stopped at Milwaukee Airport"

This happened today. So my prediction was off -- they're not just stopping people in the NE. They're doing it in the Midwest, too.

To "i can read": i wasn't trying to insult anyone's intelligence, I was just trying to have some fun with it. I like to make room for a little fun every once in awhile !! :)

And, as the comment from antayla, directly above yours shows, not everyone believes the point I was trying to make even though I was -- in your opinion -- hand-holding. In fact, she needed *more* information, which is fine. We're all at different levels of understanding of the world, and it sounds like you're probably beyond me. So please be patient with all of us !!

Fuck Fear 20.Apr.2002 00:42


I am so tired of the administration's bullshit fear-mongering - peddling their propaganda to try to get us all to stay home and cower in front of our televisions (waiting for the latest update on "terrorism" of course). Fuck that. If there's another terrorist attack, we know where it's coming from - and I'm certainly not going to stay home and wait for that one... When will these assholes GROW UP already and stop trying to manipulate us with their Nazi-esque terrorizing propaganda??? When will the American people take to the streets and demand an end to this illegitimate, criminal administration??? (How about tomorrow...)