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9.11 investigation

CIA Dissolved, US Withdraws from World Bank

The Real Deal....
April 18th, 2002

My Fellow Americans,

Let's not beat around the bush.

I, Jonathan P. Chance, hereby accept the Citizens Executive Administration's selection as the provisional President of the United States of America.

Although previously a candidate in the 2002 Congressional "election", I hereby withdraw my candidacy so as to deal more directly with the urgent circumstances that have transpired since September 11th, 2001.

As the former Chief of Staff of the Citizens Executive Administration (CEA-USA), I must hand the torch of these duties to the CEA's Deputies so as to accept the duties of the CEA's former provisional President, Linda Jones, who was murdered among thousands of others in the 9-11 attack upon the United States by terrorists in the DoD, the CIA, the Mossad and their ultimate paymasters, the World Bank Group.

All of these terrorist organizations are under investigation by lawful elements in the FBI, the DIA, the Department of State, and an independent global intelligence network.

The CIA has been dissolved, and the United States is withdrawing from the World Bank Group.

All agents and assets of the CIA, the Mossad, the World Bank Group or their associates must surrender to the DIA, the FBI or the Army.

Let us rewind the clock a mere two years to Election Fraud 2000 to understand the dangerous absurdity that has fallen upon the United States and the international community.

Although the tragic undermining of American's path toward democracy has a complex history, Election Fraud 2000 was the last straw that paradoxically broke the back of the very oligarchy that originated the fraud of American "democracy".

Election Fraud 2000 demonstrated - more than ever - the absurd mockery of lawful democracy and the American Republic.

First, the small minority of citizens who "vote" were provided with two corporate-controlled "viable" candidates who represent the same interests - deceptive money, brutal power, and the private transnational entities who have controlled most of the world for hundreds of years.

Second, since the majority of Americans know that so-called "elections" of bribed and blackmailed politicians do not represent US, most Americans do not bother engaging in the farce of American "democracy".

Third, as was witnessed by all, there were no genuine, public and open Presidential debates.

Forth, in a complex fraud that has been under investigation for many years, the so-called "Supreme Court" as well as America's electronic vote-tabulation machinery - both controlled by transnational corporations - have been manipulated in such a way as to prevent the election of any President who represents the citizens of America rather han corporations, banks, holding companies and other privileged interests.

Thus, in October 2000, no legitimate President was elected, no legitimate Cabinet was appointed, and the United States has no lawful government recognized by the corporate monopoly media. Election Fraud 2000 was part of a long history of the hijacking of America's path toward democracy.

Among other dangers, the result of this theft is that the United States is engaged in another unlawful and obscured world war that - if continued - will not only destroy the potential of America to become a genuine, peaceful and prosperous democracy, but could destroy all of human civilization.

All of former President Linda Jones' declarations - co-drafted and implemented by the CEA-USA and announced in January 2001 -


- remain in full force, with the exception of the several proposed Cabinet members who have resigned or been dismissed.

Although I'd prefer to be engaged in other vocations, the precarious circumstances of global events has forced me to accept the provisional Presidency of the United States of America until legitimate elections are held.

Should anyone care to challenge my Presidency, you know where to find me, and I'm willing and prepared to accept any honorable one-on-one duels with Presidential pretenders.

The Citizens Executive Administration is in the process of re-configuring our Cabinet, and all well-informed, non-partisan recommendations are welcome.

The choice is ours, and the time is now.

Jonathan P. Chance
President of the United States


President Jones Orders US Troops Out of Foreign Territories


January 25th, 2001
Linda Jones
President of the United States

My Fellow Americans,

As stated simply and eloquently by President Eisenhower, "Every gun that is fired, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children."

Today we all face difficult choices. Bombarded and confused by a storm of corporate disinformation, we're routinely led toward our own self-destruction as individuals and as a society.

But if we're to survive our present crisis and prosper in future years, we must pray in silence, listen to our conscience, and act according to the laws of nature and common sense. In the name of God, America, our children, our dogs, our cats and planet Earth, I ask you to ask yourself some simple questions:

Must we continue on the path toward economic, nuclear, biochemical and ecological self-destruction? Or shall we reallocate our energies and resources toward building a prosperous, peaceful, sustainable and genuine democracy?

Must we irresponsibly follow the orders of corrupt politicians appointed by the machinery of inhuman, dictatorial, transnational corporations? Or shall we responsibly seize control of our own lives and our own communities?

Who, if anyone, shall we recognize as a legitimate President of the most powerful state on Earth? If only 10% of the American people voted for do-nothing Al Bore, and another 10% voted for draft-dodging King George Jr., whom does the vast majority of Americans choose to be their primary representative and leader?

Why do we allow a gang of corrupt, spineless, power-addicted, white-collar criminals - on the dole of corporate bribes - sit in the seats of "our" Congress and "our" courts? If the corporate-recognized "US Cabinet" is as obviously illegitimate as it is, who is the genuine American citizens' Administration?

Since nobody else seems to have the guts to step up to bat, I've reluctantly done so and unilaterally appointed transpartisan, highly qualified US Cabinet of the Citizens Executive Administration of the United States of America.

The Secretaries of Disinformation - all accredited criminals - have been issued corporate orders to escalate the illegal war against the citizens of the United States and the people of the Third World. Review the Geneva Conventions, UN Charter, US Constitution, Nuremberg Principles, common sense and natural law if confirmation is required. The corporate orders, like the recent US "elections" are a test to see how misinformed and brainwashed the American public and our US military have become:

Will the US provoke angry and abused individuals, groups or nations into detonating miniature nuclear bombs or releasing invisible bioweapons at military and civilian targets? Or shall we follow common sense, desist from making enemies around the world, and do something more productive with ourselves?

Such is the great test the Secretaries of Disinformation have put to you. Will you self-destruct - like the passive victims of the Gulf War Syndrome - or will you survive and prosper - like the productive citizens of Sweden or Switzerland?

Representing the 80% of American people who did not vote for either of the corporate-appointed candidates - as the somewhat more legitimate President of the United States - I hereby order all US military personnel, overt and covert, to remove yourselves from foreign territories and resume your duties as defenders of the United States right here in the United States.


Once retrieved from your hazardous and counter-productive predicaments in foreign lands, you shall be assigned - or self-assigned - to productive, genuine American defense duties:

- Build affordable housing with Habitat for Humanity and
numerous other housing organizations.

- Build a nationwide high-speed rail system with Amtrak and numerous associated subcontractors.

- Restore the biodynamic agricultural capacity of American soil with the Department of Agriculture, the Bioneers and other public or private enterprises.

- Build wind turbines, photovoltaics and other renewable energy technologies with the Department of Energy and numerous private enterprises such as ASE Americas, AstroPower, Bergey WindPower, BP Solar, Kyocera Solar, Evergreen, NEG Micon, Photowatt, Siemens Solar, Solar Energy International, Southwest Windpower, Unisolar, Zond Power Systems - and even Honeywell, Lockheed-Martin and other weapons manufacturers should they redirect more of their resources from pro-death to pro-life technologies.

- Convert automobiles, trucks, aircraft and related infrastructure from fossil-fueled systems to solar-electric and solar-hydrogen systems with the Department of Transportation and numerous private enterprises.

- Train Americans in civil defense strategies and tactics.

- Broadcast informative programs on community-access television - and on corporate-controlled television if you're able to seize it from private monopoly bankers.

- Assist municipal governments in issuing US Notes - genuine, public, legal-tender US dollars backed and issued by ecological reality rather than the Federal Reserve Corporation's fractional-reserve, private, debt-backed, pyramid banking scheme.

- Create industrial cooperatives, and challenge the rule of corporate monopolists.

- Relax with friends and family during your generous paid vacation time.

Why suffer the collapse of the old bubble economy when you can participate in building the new productive economy?

Troops! Turn off that corporate-controlled TV. Surf the web for independent, worldwide news. Tune into reality and common sense. Question the commands of your "leaders" if they're still brainwashed by anti-life, anti-American corporate monopolists.

Troops! Get your asses back home. We need you here to defend us from the hostile onslaught of transnational, Stalinist, monopolistic corporations.

Got guts? Then get your butts in gear, guys and gals. It's show time, folks!

Linda Jones
President of the United States


Citizens Executive Administration
of the United States of America

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