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Call me slow

Why weren't the instigators of prior terrorist attacks investigated?
In resonse to the 911 attacks, the Village Voice ran an article by James Ridgeway in which he pointed out that at the end of the right-wing bible "The Turner Diaries", the (excuse the expression) protagonist flies a plane into the Pentagon.

As you may know, Timothy McVeigh had a copy of this book in his car when he was arrested. In fact, he peddled it at gun shows and was reported to have slept with it under his pillow.

I tried to read it but I couldn't. The language of hate doesn't agree with me very well. However, I just came across an article that points out that in the book, the date on which Turner flies into the Pentagon is November 9th, or 11/9, the "day of the martyrs."

The first plane hit the WTC within minutes of 9am, the same time that McVeigh detonated the truck bomb in Oklahoma city, a time that was chosen to coincide with an event from the book.

The "Diaries" were written by a fellow named William Pierce. One of his acolytes, Wayne Harris, has been arrested on charges of possessing bubonic plague and anthrax. Pierce was a Physics professor at OSU. Yea.

Pierce now lives in West Virginia and is the head of an organization known as the National Alliance. Visit their web site at  http://www.natvan.com where you can purchase "Ethnic Cleansing: The Game".

McVeigh was associated with the Christian Identity, an right-wing extremist organization that is popular with militia groups.

Is it possible that the Bush administration is attempting to downplay their own association to the religious right by refusing to investigate a plausible 911 scenario, one that has a major precedent in the Oklahoma City bombing?

Afficianados of the 60s may recall that U.S. Army General Edwin Walker (Texas) was "resigned" for indoctrinating U.S. troops in Germany with right-wing propaganda and later charged with insurrection in the States. McVeigh was Army. And those airliners had some hotshot pilots at the controls.

I'm not suggesting that the Army is behind it all. I am suggesting that the traditional infiltration of the Army by right-wing hate groups is another reason why those groups should be considered as suspects.

You may not think this as compelling as a passport fluttering from inside a fireball to the pavement hundreds of feet below, but I think it's worth a look-see.
Scary Stuff 19.Apr.2002 07:24


That web site is creepy.
I never saw so much hate.

yuppers! 19.Apr.2002 12:37

The G.O.B.

Yeah, what Acky said. What's truly scary is just how slick that web site is.