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9.11 investigation

Mike Ruppert: One Manís Search for the Truth

My search for the truth re Mike Ruppert
Within hours of "terror" striking america on September 11, I began doing some research of my own after watching, along with the rest of the world, horrific images of planes crashing into twin towers, people jumping from burning buildings to their deaths, and photographs of Islamic men, the "terrorists" who "hate us", exploding across the television screen. This daily barrage of 24-hour-a-day psychological terror, images that the media etched into the impressionable and panic-stricken minds of americans, seemed to be building a foundation for another sort of terror - government deceit and control.

I was two days from leaving for India on September 11, to return to war-torn Kashmir to spend time with my beloved friends, (Muslim friends who had become like family to me during my last visit) and to do a video project documenting the impact that the Kashmiri Insurgence is having on Muslim families. So this war against "terrorism" became an even more profound and personal reason for me to rally against our government's blanketed racial discrimination of Islamic people.

The name of an Arab produced within hours after the attacks, a "terrorist" that we were told was hiding like a "coward" in a cave in Afghanistan, sounded like preposterous propaganda to me, from the beginning. In an attempt to prevent my family and friends from becoming caught in a quagmire of unsubstantiated rhetoric bent on shaping psychologically traumatized minds, I set out to do a crash course of political, social education (with what little I actually knew then). I sent articles on the oil connection, spoke about our sanctions on Iraq, and even forwarded e-mails that I had received from my Muslim friends abroad who were praying for my safety after hearing of the attacks on America.

Seven months post 9.11, I am still searching for answers, searching for the truth. Like many of us, I have tirelessly read hundreds of documents, becoming familiar with, among several others, the works of Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk and most recently Michael Ruppert. A friend gave me a copy of a taped lecture by Ruppert, most of what I had already heard, outside of a few new tidbits, more evidence suggesting that our government had awareness of, participated in, and are now covering up the real story behind 9.11.

A few nights ago I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Michael Ruppert and then interview him afterward. I decided to go to the lecture basically as a skeptic, not of his theories per se, but of him, since it has been suggested that Ruppert is a government plant that is effectively turning our attention away from things that really matter. There is also a faction of liberals on the left who think that it is a grand conspiracy to suggest that it was anything other than "Islamic terrorists" behind 9.11. Many of these liberals especially scoff at Ruppert's theories. I wanted to hear Ruppert for myself, to see whether I found him a sound man of principle.

For someone who firmly belives that our government is intimately involved in the 9.11 debacle, I did a fairly impressive job of playing the skeptic. I essentially went with the mind of someone like my father (who has since forgiven me for my irrational un-american views that I presented to him and my family re 9.11). Well, that would not really be an accurate comparison, because my father, like so many americans, are still completely in the dark, beLIEving that it is Islamic terrorists who are to blame. So, let's just say that I went as a skeptic of this guy Ruppert, with the sort of skepticism that my father would have. If he could convince my father, than there was a pretty good chance that he could convince most people about what is really going on.

I was perhaps nearly an hour into the three-and-a-half hour lecture before I was able to let my guard down, not fully, mind you, but enough to start being able to sit up and pay more attention to what Ruppert was saying. From the start I admit to being impressed with the "case" (Ruppert uses a courtroom type scenario to present the evidence to us, the "jurors") that he builds against the government of the united states. His meticulously detailed and well documented timeline, beginning with the drug trade and the CIA (Ruppert became familiar with this operation from the inside while working in the narcotics division of the LAPD) to the oil industry (most of us know by this point that it is the lust for oil that put 9.11 in the history books) lays a compelling foundation for why this crime against humanity was committed.

There were a couple of things that convinced me that Ruppert - not the evidence that he presents - but Ruppert himself, is a man of integrity. The first was his insistence on only presenting (factual) information that can be documented, to avoid, at all costs, speculating. And true to his word, Ruppert has copious documents taken from a variety of sources that are verifiable: The Washington Post, BBC, The Guardian, indiareacts.com, The CIA, FBI, Pentagon, etc., etc. He says that this is what keeps him "bullet-proof". The other thing that impressed me about Ruppert is his commitment to the truth. During his lecture he spoke about the responsibility that each of us has, as spiritual beings, to search for the truth. During our interview he said that he has no fear of what he is doing, that it is, a responsibility. I also found Mike to be a personable, likeable guy, not someone with a vendetta or something to prove.

I don't think that Mike Ruppert needs me to vouch for him, but I will say that I belive him to be a man of his word, dedicated to delivering a message that requires a strong and intact sense of responsibility and a love for america. Ruppert is then, what I guess you would call, a true patriot.
OK, so it's not all about Mike Ruppert ... 19.Apr.2002 00:14


(... but he's cool as, well, all get-out)

My 2 cents as well: Mike Ruppert in person is every bit as comfortable in his own skin, down to earth, articulate and personable as he appears while presenting evidence to large audiences ... even moreso. He is neither distant nor eager to please and carries with him a wonderful, natural sense of humor, while working assiduously in search of the truth.

I saw him briefly at the talk in Portland on Saturday night. He asked me if I had any more questions. The only one that occured to me was a somewhat facetious question posed by fellow IMC'r Drew as we discussed Mike Ruppert's short stint as a 7-11 employee: "Which side of the slurpee machine is the button on?"

In the spirit of the question and without a wince, Mike Ruppert replied, "The left side."

Thank you 19.Apr.2002 14:36

activist patriot

Thank you for liberating the word "patriot" from the fascists who would have us believe that patriots never question their government.

"I don't think that Mike Ruppert needs me to vouch for him, but I will say that I belive him to be a man of his word, dedicated to delivering a message that requires a strong and intact sense of responsibility and a love for america. Ruppert is then, what I guess you would call, a true patriot."

Well said !!

Patriotism caters to your oppression. 20.Apr.2002 11:52

!HeckNO! mbthink@hotmail.com


Fascism is the feeling
I get when I go to a protest thinking we're both fighting for self determination
only to find you working with the cops to arrest us.
Fascism is what it's like to have an "actavist" wrench the bull horn from your hands cause "We don't like what you're saying."
Fascism is the nature of a "REPEAT AFTER ME" movement that could give a shit less if it LIES to reach it's aims.
It's the nature of a movement that would stand complacient (or is it complicit?) by and SHAME us as we take the real risks. As we are beaten for trying. (I repeat!) If you don't like what we have to say challenge it's merit. Do not resort to slander.
You imply that "mainstream actavism" challenges government authority? HONESTLY! It seeks to change or reform that authority. Little else. Sure that reform can have some drasticly positive effects for say.. the forest. The trouble is we "anarchists" have a different defenition of government. You think that when we say "We need to smash the government!" we're talking about the BUSH administration. When really a lot of us are talking about the cultural or societal force called government. This is a force without borders, without capitols, that very much does have leaders or proponents. It's a force that many of us struggle on a very internal level to resist. The governance of anothers will. This is what government means (I REPEAT) The governance of ours or anothers FREE will. How does a "actavist movement" challenge this authority while at the same time coerceing others by nook or by crook "lawsuits" to do things thier way. Sure these way be effective tools of reform. But they don't challenge the basis of authority they only shift it's weight to somewhere or someone else. How is a stuggle (again) STRUGGLE for self determination an idea of revolutionary importance? Because it FIGHTS (with it's arms swingin) the very force that say's we can (after some reform) stop dumping our toxic waste in a midwest town, and start dumping it in a mexican village. This phelosophy uses a synergy between IDEAS AND ACTION to get the job done. We ain't gonna waste our breath protesting your reformist spirit because we've got bigger problems than you. We've gotta take down a world government for example. We've gotta form communities so that we can TAKE BACK OUR LIVES, be self sufficient, remove our self from the capitalist system under which we slave. You want to make change but you (patriots) don't see that your tactics and methodology are part of the problem. This is because we (both you and I) have been conditioned to govern. This is demonstratable. (again) YOU WANT OUR RESPECT? QUIT TALKING SHIT! Fight for our common liberty! Put down your leaders!

Anarchy as self government?


A couple of points 04.May.2002 01:39

not an AmeriKKKan Patriot

First of all, while Ruppert has done some good work on the issue of America's 9-11 Reichstag fire, there are other people who should be cited as well.

The website www.tenc.net has done some work on the issue of the lack of American Air Defense response to the hijackings, for example.

It is a mistake to deify one guy or turn one person into some great celebrity or messiah that everybody pays homage
to. This is a tendency the so-called Left in America often lapses into. The issues--not the personality--should be paramount.

Secondly, maybe all of the 9-11 patriotic propaganda has affected your brains, but all of you people proclaiming your love for America or your great patriotism are fools--or perhaps something worse.

The America you love is directly and indirectly responsible for the vast majority of carngage and exploitation around the world in the form of capitalist free market reforms and neo-Imperialist aggression.

The America you love has attacked and invaded untold numbers of countries past and present, killing millions in the process.

The America to which you pledge allegiance has plundered and pillaged the developing world of its resources, its markets, and its labor--all so you can enjoy the pampered and coddled life you Americans have.

And utimately the America you love has nothing to do with the rhetoric of "Democracy" and "Freedom" you are always spewing out of your mouths.