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Cynthia McKinney is an American Hero

She really is a hero we have to support people like her and Ron Paul.

Cynthia McKinney Is
An American Hero!
My Opinion On The Way You (In The Media)
Are Handling The McKinney Case
By Paul Walker

I would appreciate it very much if you would cease the politically-motivated dirt-digging and attacks on Ms McKinney's character and instead do an objective jounalistic investigation into the claims that she has put forward. No matter what her motives may be, the facts are the facts.

Fact: Carlyle Group directly benefits from an eternal Orwellian war against the "Evil Ones".

Fact: The bin Ladins and the Bushes have been in bed finacially raking in hundreds of millions together on big oil, construction and defense contracts for decades.

Fact: The "War on Terrorism" has been planned for several years in the back rooms of the Council on Foreign Relations as a pretext for control of the Caspian Basin oil reserves (see Brzezinski, Grand Chessboard).

Fact: The CIA supervises the Pakistani ISI intelligence who are instrumental in funding and training terrorists all over the Eurasia and the Middle East.

Fact: Clinton had numerous opportunities to nail bin Ladin and refused to do it.

Fact: Bin Ladin was, and still is a CIA-ISI pointman/asset.

Fact: The CIA put the murderous Taliban into power (a specialty of theirs) in 1996 and funded them (and bin Ladin) right up through last summer.

Fact: The CIA met with bin Ladin in July in Dubai (Le Figaro)

Fact: The US government had not only prior knowledge of the attacks of September 11th, but deliberately created all the necessary conditions for it to happen. For historical precedents see, National Security Archives for the Operation Northwoods document and Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnet.

Fact: The media is chockfull of gutless, spineless shills, operative minions, and cheerleeding propagandists who are lying to the people, complicit in the attacks on both the WTC and on our Constitutional rights and couldn't whip up an honest investigative piece to save their souls.

So get your facts straight and start telling the truth if you have any patriotism, humanity, guts or integrity left.

I challenge any of you jounalist shills out there to refute any of the points I have made.

Paul Walker Santa Barbara, CA

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Here Here 18.Apr.2002 16:36


Now everyone needs to speak up, since media mouthpieces and most politicians won't.