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Urgent: The life of Tekin Tangun is in Danger!

They are trying by means of a plot to arrest or to kill the chairman of TAYAD Tekin Tangun
Here are all documents related to this case:

Date: 11.03.2002
Abide-I Hürriyet Cd. Arkan-2 Apt.
No:210/8 Kat: 4 Sisli/ Istanbul/ Turkey
Phone/fax: 0090.212.231 61 92 - 231 72 94


They are trying by means of a plot to arrest or to kill the chairman of TAYAD Tekin Tangun.
Tekin Tangun, who for TAYAD fights against the F-type prisons and tries to solve the problems of the relatives of prisoners was threatened on several occasions. They even gave the message by arresting several people that Tekin Tangun WILL BE KILLED. For instance Fadik Adiyaman was told that TEKIN TANGUN IS GOING TO BE KILLED, Fadik Adiyaman has made a complaint concerning the death threats which were stated to her. Now the police of Istanbul is trying to hatch a plot against Tekin Tangun. With the protocol of a phone call, which has no basis in reality and it is not clear from where and of whom it came, they are trying to put Tekin Tangun in prison. According to this protocol, there was a meeting at TAYAD and during this meeting Tekin Tangün was supposed to have said that the blood of his friends who were lost in the death fast, won't remain unexpiated, that the price for it will be paid, and that this would happen through suicide attacks by persons called Ozkan Guzel and Ferhat Erturk. And even the postponement of Ozkan Guzel's prison sentence was cancelled and he was sent back to jail.
The police are trying to kill a few birds with one stone. Indeed, those who have been released because of their bad health conditions are fulfilling their tasks within the democratic struggle while continuing to receive medical treatment. What are the police trying to do by presenting these activities as illegal and connected to an organisation? The police are going to imprison or kill Tekin Tangün whom they have threatened several times before. This has become clear with the false protocols that were given to the press and sent to the DGM (State Security Court). Because Tekin Tangun has seen what's going on, he made a complaint to the Prosecution on 08.04.2002.

To the
Public State Prosecutor of Sisli
Plaintiff /Tekin TANGÜN
Zümrütevler Mh. Bozkurt Sk. Denizciler Sitesi Beyaz Blok Second Floor D.10 Maltepe/Istanbul
ACCUSED/ Names unknown so far,
STATEMENTS I'm working as a freelance veterinary surgeon. At the same time I have been president of the Marmara section of TAYAD (Solidarity Association of the Prisoner's Families) for a year.

Our association was founded in order to get support and solidarity for the families of prisoners and to be part of a solution to the problems that arise in the prisons. For these reasons, families who have relatives in prison and ex-prisoners visit our association, and I have links to them. I participate in activities, democratic and legal meetings, panels and actions with the aim to end the isolation which is still continuing in the F-type prisons. Those who do not accept the struggle for rights and freedoms, and the activities in the democratic sphere of both myself and the association of which I am president, started activities against me. The political police put pressure to Gamze Mimaroglu, Fadik Adiyaman and Orhan Eski while keeping them under arrest, trying to get them to testify against me. Those persons have filed a complaint against this. I was even openly and clearly threatened with death, while they told Fadik Adiyaman in detention "We're going to kill Tekin".
The official documents were enclosed. I have been followed by different people for a long time, but since the 5th of April the pursuit and harassment has become constant and increased. On Friday, April 5, two persons photographed me while I was with my friend, the nurse Yüksel ALBAY, at the Aksaray Horhor location, which is near our association, and we were followed fromw when we visited Ibrahim DALKAYA. At the weekend, as I went to the house of Unzile ARAZ, who is a member of the board of our association, I was again followed. They even waited there until the morning and followed me up to the office of my lawyer, where I went to file a complaint.
Here is the description of those who are constantly following me, although I'm not aware of the numbers and names of these persons:

a) tall man with black hair, starting to turn grey, no moustache, 30-35 years old, leather coat;
b) medium height (around 1.70 m), plump, black hair, approximately 30-35 years old,
c) 40-45 years old, dowdy hair, greying, medium height, moustache.
d) dark hair, tinged with white, small, brownish complexion, small, cloth suit of beige colour, without moustache, around 30 years old.
e) tall, auburn, short hair, hair brushed back, strong glasses, leather coat, 30 years old.
f) Medium height, week's growth of beard, dark hair, around 30 years old.
g) around 45 years old, grey hair, medium height, plump, without moustache.
h) age around 30, beard of 2-3 days, cap, plump and without moustache, plump face with vacant expression
i) medium height, long hair, dark blond, tending to yellowish, beard, 25-30 years old.
j) medium height, blond, without moustache.

Apart from them there are other persons of whom I can't give a detailed description, but if I were to see/be confronted with them, I would be able to identify and know them. Because those persons, whom I have seen during previous arrests or socio-political events, are police officers from the political branch. For pursuit and harassment they use a green car with the number 34 YBT 79, Dogan model, a grey Dogan with the number 34 AB 4291, a grey Fiat Tipo with the number 34 YDF..., a grey coloured car, Tempra model, number 34 Z 7046. There's no reason for them to follow me. They just aim to harass me and my friends, to frighten and put the people around me under psychological pressure, and to create prejudice against me. Yuksel ALBAZ, Fahrettin KUL and Unzile ARAZ can act as witnesses of the pursuit and harassment of me. There is a danger to my life. It is those people who are responsible for any plots, arbitrary arrests etc. that is happening to me.

RESULT AND DEMAND: For these reasons, with the identification of the persons who are following and harassing me, I demand an investigation to be started against them and for them to be punished.

Nr: B.05. 1,EGM.
SUBJECT: Denunciation.T.C.
Police Headquarters
Concerning: 01.04.2002 and B.05.1.EGM. numbered
document, a male person who called the emergency police phone number 155 around 9.55 p.m. on 01.04.2002 made the accusation that he had participated in a meeting that has been organized by TAYAD and that the responsible official of TAYAD Tekin Tangun said in the meeting that the blood of the friends who were lost during the DEATH FAST won't remain unexpiated, that they will surely have to pay the price for this, and that this will be realiaed through the SUICIDE ATTACK by the persons Ozkan GUZEL and Ferhat ERTURK, and he then put the phone down. The protocol of the acusation which could be made was included in the file. As regards Ferhat ERTURK and Ozkan GUZEL, who were above made the subject of an accusation that they had been selected as LIVING BOMBS, with our relevant registered document the Attorney General of the Republic was informed and the situation and relations of the mentioned persons are continuing to be observed.
4th class police chief! 2nd chief of police of the Anti-Terror Branch.
Remaining information and measures.

To your acknowledgement, in expectation that the necessary steps will be undertaken. Halil KARATAS
4th Class police chief
2nd chief of police of the Anti-Terror Branch
Supplement: 1 page protocol of charges
Accused: Turan COLAKKACI
2002/7063 MUH.
To the 6th DGM of Ist.
Es; 2002/file no. 74
Public Prosecutor

Police Department for Electronic Data
155 Police emergency protocoll of denouncement
Denouncement no. 292

Name and Surname of the denouncing person: not given
Telephone: 589 14 39
After a male person, who denounced from the 155 police emergency phone on the 01.04.2002 at around 9.55 p.m. that; he had participated in a meeting which has been organized by TAYAD and that the responsible of TAYAD Tekin Tangün had told during the meeting that the blood of the friends who were lost during the DEATH FAST, won't remain unreplied, that they will surely have to pay the price for this, and that this will be realized through the SUICIDE ATTACK of the persons Özkan GÜZEL and Ferhat ERTÜRK, has closed the phone; this protocoll of denouncement was signed under my order.

SABRI ERDOGAN; Chief commissary 45063
- Directoriate
- News Center Gayrettepe
- Research Department Directory
- Ton. Department Director
- Police Headquarters of the Province Fatih
- To the file

To the Republican district attorney in Fatih, Istanbul

My name is Fadik Adiyaman. On February 14 I was arrested in Park Yolu Street by the chief of police named Ayhan who is on duty at the temporary police station in Armutlu. They brought me to the Anti-Terror branch of the Istanbul police headquarters without making any statement, I even couldn't understand what was happening. In the Anti-Terror branch of the Istanbul police headquarters they want me to make statements about people whose name I have heard for the very first time. In that connection commissioner Orhan in particular put pressure on me. The persons, they want me to make a statement against are: Gamze Turan, Metin Yayuz, Tekin Tangun and Mehmet Akdemir. A policeman called Hilmi Kalayci made the threat: "We will kill Tekin, we will kill him on the same way as we killed Sultan Yildiz." In the meantime the chief who was numbered "26", and policemen with the nicknames "Kivircik" ("Curly") and "Cavus" ("Sergeant") threatened me. The lives of the persons cited above are in danger. I am accusing the Anti-Terror branch of the Istanbul police headquarters. I really hope the necessary steps will be taken.
Bakirkoy Prison for Women and Children C-2 Istanbul.
28.02.2002, Fadik Adiyaman

[Obtained from the website of Halkin Sesi (Voice of the People) TV, April 10, 2002]

Statement from the chairman of Marmara TAYAD Tekin Tangun

Here is another example of it. They are trying to put Marmara TAYAD chairman Tekin Tangun under psychological pressure by following and harassing him. We are passing on Tekin Tangun's statement, made yesterday:

"The people who were detained were told, as a way of threatening me, that 'I will be killed'."

I am Tekin Tangun. For a year I have been chairman of the ruling body of Marmara TAYAD (Marmara Association for Aiding the Families of Prisoners and Convicts).

Our association was founded in conformity to the laws of the land, and in the framework of its rulebook it is an association engaging in democratic activities. With this understanding and aims, it aids and shows solidarity with the families of prisoners and contributes to resolving the problems experienced in the prisons....

As everybody knows, on December 19, 2000 a bloody operation was carried out in the prisons of Turkey under the name "Return to Life". Following this operation political prisoners were transported to the F-Type prisons. The prisoners are now under severe isolation in one or three person cells in the F-Type prisons and are continuing Death Fasts in order to resist this treatment.

During this resistance our association Marmara TAYAD has also worked to have isolation in the prisons lifted and to stop the deaths. As chairman of the association I have also taken part in various discussion panels and activities and expressed our views and put forward proposals for a solution on TV and in the newspapers. I have come out in opposition to isolation practices in the F-Type prisons. Up to the present, because I have come out against isolation and wanted to stop the deaths, I have been arbitrarily detained imprisoned and threatened on numerous occasions. As part of this process, people I know who have shown sensitivity on the subject of the prisons were taken to the anti-terror branch of the Istanbul Security Department and there compelled to make statements against me, and attempts are being made to concoct a plot against me on the basis of these lying statements. The people who were detained were told, as a way of threatening me, that "I will be killed". Of these people, Gamze Mimaroglu, Orhan Eski and Fadik Adiyaman later reported to the Prosecutor's Office what they had experienced in the anti-terror branch of the Istanbul Security Department with a view to opening legal proceedings, and the illegality they were subjected to was officially documented. But in spite of this no legal proceedings have been instituted.

Over a considerable period I have been followed periodically by people whose name and identity I do not know but whom I believe to be police because I have seen them in the political branch or hanging around at socio-political events. However, since April 5, 2002 this tailing has become much more sustained and continuous. I have been followed day and night, by car or on foot. When I go on visits or meet people, my friends and relatives have also been disturbed by these events. There are dozens of people who have witnessed what I have been experiencing. Members of our association's governing body and friends and relatives of prisoners who have come back and forth from our office have seen all this.

Here are the types and licence plates of vehicles that have been following me:
A grey Fiat Uno, licence plate 34 YDF 71, a grey Renault, licence plate 34 GRY 80, a green Dogan, licence plate 34 BYT 79, and a grey Dogan, licence plate 34 AB 4291. Here are descriptions of people who have been following me:
- a tall man with black hair greying in places, no moustache, aged 30-35, wearing a leather jacket;
- a medium-sized man (about1.70 metres), plump, black moustache, aged 30-35,
- a man aged 40-45, balding, remaining hair greying, medium height, moustache;
- a man, aged about 30, dark hair, wheat-coloured complexion, short, wearing a suit of beige-coloured cloth, no moustache;
- a tall man aged about 30, light brown, short hair combed back, glasses, wearing a leather jacket;
- a man of medium height, a week's growth of beard, light brown complexion, aged about 30,
- a man aged about 45, hair greying, medium height, rather fat, no moustache
- a man aged about 30, 2-3 days growth of beard, wearing a cap, rather fat, no moustache, chubby facial features,
- a man of medium height, aged 25 to 30, long hair, light brown hair tending towards blond, bearded and rather dirty looking,
- a man of medium height, blonde, no moustache, about 25;
- and a grey-haired man aged about 30, hair combed back, light brown complexion, wearing a leather jacket.

On April 8, 2002 I told my lawyer Behic Asci of these occurrences and we went together to the Republican Prosecutor's Office in Sisli (in Istanbul) in order to table charges against the people following me. At first the prosecutor did not accept my application on the grounds that I live elsewhere. We told him that a vehicle with some of the people who have been following me was parked in front of the Sisli Justice Department at that very moment. By dint of our persistence, our application was accepted. Our petition was lodged at the Sisli Republican Prosecutor's Office, preparation number 2002/14429.

However, despite this, the tailing and harassment is continuing. They are trying to put me and those close to me under psychological pressure. My life is not safe.

I appeal to everyone to oppose the Susurluk gangs, lawlessness and injustice, to be sensitive and to support human rights.

April 9, 2002
Tekin Tangun

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