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Support Needed for Jailed Anarchist in Mexico

A young Mexican anarchist has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. International support is urgently needed.
The judge has condemned him to 15 years of death, of being forgotten, of torture, in Mexico City. Carlos is a young worker, an anarchist, involved in political activities in the anarchist punk movement in Mexico city. He is accused of armed robbery, and is a victim of false acussations and lies from the police. They don't look for the "guilty" person. They just need someone to blame . The other reality is that Carlos has been a youth that has not comformed to the system, he has preferred to stand with those who fight against this opressive reality. His lawyer turned out to be a fraud and abandoned the case due to his incompetence. Nevertheless he took the little money the family had. Now they need money to appeal the sentence. They urgently need money to
pay for a new lawyer , who charge high prices , inaccessible to a worker's salary. This is the reality of democracy in Mexico. The prisons are full of the poor. Many of them spend years inside before their cases are brought to trial. They are prisoners all their lives, not only those that are hungry and take bread where it
is in abundance, but also those who would not stand any more deaths, nor so much crime from the government and their institutions. Those the prisons are full, of farm workers, indigenous people, students, blue collar workers (prisoners for the struggle) prison is a crime, a contradiction, and it is needed only by the wealthy.

This is a petition for your economic and moral suport. We don't need charity, we need to address the issue that anyone can fall, whenever THEY (the police) want. For more info:  upl_upl@yahoo.com . Carlos family's bank accont number is: 1231189654 under the name of Georgina del Rio Escobedo, and the Bank is: Banco BBV or Bancomer. Any donations are welcome.