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Hold the Constitutional Light

Choose your reality...
Hold your light or Play the One World Order's game.
Remember when you were a child and viewed the world through simple eyes. Police were there to protect and help citizens. The United States Military fought to uphold the country's constitution.
In history class, we were taught about patriots who savored freedom and stood for the United States' greatness. "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."
It was simple.
The "One World Order" has done its best to create chaos and confusion in an attempt to accelerate the people on the planet into pandemonium and frenzy. I was one of those in fear, but when you really look at it, nothing makes sense anymore. I have lost my "intelligence," ability to hear the collective subconscious due to a misinformation tooth tied in with radio. I am being slandered left and right. But none of them have purpose. Are they trying to create a better America?
They make no sense. Where is nature, where is our love for the planet and most importantly the people that inhabit it? Where are our goals as a people? Are we playing their game by allowing ourselves to be focused on their agenda and defending ourselves? Or are we playing our own game which means moving ourselves into a position where we move beyond the chaos and create a reality based on the Constitution, talking with all of those involved and paying attention to what the Pre-amble guaranteed us in the very beginning.
We have a right to simplicity, we have a right to liberty, we have a right to equality, we have a right to provide for common defense, we have a right to maintain the freedoms that America has stood for. As a people, we have the power to accomplish this, if we step back and play our own game. Do you think those involved really have understanding as to what they are doing? I feel the chaos has been created because they are directionless with their only objective to control the population, i.e. Will and Power over the masses. This only works if the masses allow this control and live in denial that the events are actually happening. We have the power as a people. And it is simple. It is honest and it is through verbal communication.
There are those who wish to put us in the dark, but the way through the dark and into the light is through Truth. The one's who create chaos are out to divide and conquer and thereby create a whirlwind of destruction (9-11).
Are we going to allow that?
In my vision:
The US Military protects this country. The police protect our citizens' rights. The people hold the light of our founding forefathers in the United States Constitution.
Isn't that simple?
Don't we see the power within our own light? Or are we allowing them to destroy our identity in chaos?
Simplify with love and freedom to all.

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