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TV Turn Off Week is Coming!!

KILL YOUR TELEVISION. spread the word.

In the current issue of Science, a team of US researchers show how
adolescents who watch more than one hour of TV a day are far more
likely to become violent adults.

Media skeptics are in damage control: "It's just the violent programs
that are the problem." "Watch TV with your children and discuss the
troubling images." "Teach media literacy and everything will be okay."

But will it?

The evidence is pretty clear. In its current hyper-commercial form,
television is part of a toxic mental environment. If you want to do
yourself and your kids a favor, limit your time in front of the box
to less than one hour a day.

Better yet, pull the plug and throw away the remote. We challenge you
to try it for a week and see how it feels -- you may get the shock of
your life.

International TV Turnoff Week, begins April 22. Go to
 http://www.adbusters.org for details.


Last week we asked your help in deciding which uncommercial to air on
CNN. You voted 3 to 1 for the Black Screen spot. See it at

You also sent in $3000 to air the spot on Headline News. But we're
still shooting for Inside Politics on CNN's main channel -- it has a
far larger audience of politically hip viewers who need a whack. Help
us air the Black Screen spot on Inside Politics by donating $100 on
line at  http://adbusters.org/information/donate/. We need another

homepage: homepage: http://www.adbusters.org

Don't Kill Your Television! 19.Apr.2002 11:36



Watch it responsibly. Watch only the shows you like; don't use it as background noise. Mute the commercials (99.99% of them suck).

Methinks the people trumpeting Turn Off TV Week are the same people who brag about not having a TV in the first place. Television watching can be used to gather information on how to present a progressive message to the majority of the people, people who do not read IndyMedia or progressive publications.