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Open Letter to Bush on Israel and Palestine

An open letter to Bush about the Israel's aggression in Palestine, urging Bush to reduce Israel's military aid.
Dear Mr. President,

We the people urge you to take stronger steps to bring about peace in the Middle East. Israel is a rouge nation, in frequent defiance of UN resolutions, and engaged in continued aggression upon it's neighbors. Recently Germany, Israel's strongest European supporter, has taken the bold step of suspending arms sales to Israel. The people of the United States urge you, as our leader, to join Germany in their bold stance. We feel that to truly bring peace Israel's aggressive capabilities must be taken away. To bring about peace the United States must cut back military aid to Israel. With out sufficient military aid to be an aggressive power Israel will find it hard to defy the UN's, and indeed your own, call for peace and negotiation.

No longer can the United States afford to sit by while the son's of Israel and Palestine slaughter one another. This conflict has the explosive potential to destabilize not only the region, but the arab world as a whole. We the people, the peace loving people, of the United States beseech you to hold true to the principals that you laid out in the state of the union address. We ask that your words, and I quote, "we have a great opportunity during this time of war to lead the world toward the values that will bring lasting peace. All fathers and mothers, in all societies, want their children to be educated and live free from poverty and violence." not be idle rhetoric. We ask you to lead the world. To bring peace so the children of Palestine may live free from the terror of ignorance, everlasting violence and poverty.

We ask you to start by cutting arms sales to Israel. As long as Israel has the means to aggress upon it's neighbors there will be no peace. Join our European allies, stop the flow of weapons, stop the senseless death, and fulfill the promise of this great nation.

We the people of America

Send this to President Bush via < president@whitehouse.gov>. I hope that this can be an online chain letter. Ask all you friends and associates who agree to send this to Bush. Let's make our voices heard, stand up and be counted. Even if every time the letter is sent you are only counted as one more tally mark against Israel's occupation, if enough people are counted that way, it might make a difference. I ask you to join me and please try.
Try thinking before you speak 17.Apr.2002 19:54


What is a rouge nation? Does everyone wear rouge? And who is Ghandi? Someone from AfGHANistan? Please, struggle out of your collective stupors and have some respect for someone you are so fond of quoting. For people who consider yourselves such experts on everything, and such supposed peace lovers, you certainly don't bother to check your facts or clean up your language.But of course then you might be giving in to "civilization."