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The big lie is coming unraveled

Tuesday, April 16, 2002
THE BUSH SPIN MACHINE: On Overload and Failing Fast
The big lie is coming unraveled.
You can tell by how heavy handed the spin campaign of Bush's "handlers" is becoming. Because rightwing and creative are mutually exclusive qualities, when cornered, these sleazemeisters do not become diabolically clever (thank God for the rest of us!). Instead, they simply escalate their bullshit. Same bullshit, just louder and more of it. For example, for years now, the corporate right-wingers have been using the "call 'em loony" approach to discredit everyone from antiwar activists to environmentalists (i.e., if they are in any way challenging corporate interests, they are wackos). This tactic was replaced temporarily by the McCarthy approach: anyone challenging corporate interests (these interests include war and censorship, of course) is "unAmerican." This routine soon began to backfire though, because it turned most people off. So, now the right-wingers are back to the "you're with us or you're wacko" gig.
When congresswoman Cynthia McKinney spoke out this week about the possible political engineering of 9/11 if not the event itself, then its freedom-trashing aftermath a spokesman for the Carlyle Group sneered: "Did she say these things while standing on a grassy knoll in Roswell, New Mexico?" Ari "The Egg With Eyebrows" Fleischer has apparently taken up the same buzzword: grassy knoll (these guys are so unoriginal that when someone engineers for them what they imagine to be a great, clever line, they flog it to death!).
So strong critics of Bush are now "grassy knoll society" members, eh? Pretty strong put-down from a group of conscienceless robber barons whose biggest profits have come from destabilizing other countries, sickness, and death. The Carlyle group not only is a major weapons trader, it is also an oil pipeline contractor and a major shareholder in BioPort, an extremely peculiar little company that has been given the corner on the anthrax vaccine market by the Bush administration even though the same company failed an FDA inspection three times. On the Carlyle board sits George Bush, Sr. and several ruthless old fossils from past rightwing regimes, including Frank Carlucci (a former defense secretary who was Donny Rumsfeld's college roommate) and James Baker III (former sec. of state and the oilbag lawyer who helped Bush steal the 2000 election). Among the Carlyle groups closest associates are the Bin Laden family, to whom Carlyle has acted as a "U.S. bank."
As far as I'm concerned, any criticism coming from a band of reptiles like the Carlyle Group should be considered highest praise by anyone! Like having Hitler say he doesn't like your stand on human rights! So when you hear someone accused by anyone even remotely connected to Bush of being a "wacko," "conspiracy theorist" or a member of the "grassy knoll society," you'll know who you better listen to, and closely! And we are listening to Cynthia McKinney and cheering her on!

Have you noticed how fewer and fewer polls on Bush's approval rating have appeared over the past weeks? And how even the ones that have made it past the "state censors" have shown a small decline? Real polls, of course, would have been telling a different tale all along. By real polls I mean those which are frankly worded and not conducted in an intimidating way. As Michael Moore, author of Stupid White Men observed, who in their right minds, when called at 9:00 at night and asked if they approve of a president whose henchmen are rounding up dissenters on very little pretext, will say ANYTHING but "Yeah! I approve... my wife approves, the kids approve, hell, the dog approves!"??
But the cracks are showing. Below is an urgent memorandum from the GOP to the poor schmucks on its "team leader" list. The note is obviously intended to prepare the faithful for the coming blow - Bush is tanking in the polls and the cat will soon be out of the bag. The memorandum "predicts" a drop in Bush's approval rating in the near future, which means that he ALREADY HAS dropped dramatically and they know it. But by disseminating this slick little bit of propaganda, the GOP marketers can appear to be uncanny soothsayers offering wise counsel, instead of liars and propagandists who have been artificially inflating Bush's approval rating with bogus polls and the iron hand of media censorship for months.
So Unknown News now makes their "uncanny prediction" based on this bit of pre-spin from the Fuhrer's HQ: Some sort of shit relating to Bush is about to hit the fan that will make it impossible for even the most wanton Goebbelites in the White House PR office to hold back the tide of negative public opinion. Can't wait to see what it is just hope it sticks like bird poop to a windshield!

FROM: Matthew Dowd, Senior Advisor, RNC
RE: Where Bush Job Approval is Heading
DATE: April 12th, 2002
As many will recall, prior to the 2000 National Republican Convention in Philadelphia, by looking at historical Gallup poll patterns, we had predicted that the Bush-Cheney ticket would gain a lead of 10 to 12 points over Gore-Lieberman in the aftermath of the Republican Convention. Then we predicted that after the 2000 Democratic Convention the presidential race would go to even or Bush-Cheney would be slightly behind. Public polling at the time confirmed that all this came to pass as we expected.
Again we want to make a prediction: While President Bush's approval numbers have been at unprecedented and historical levels for a rather lengthy period of time they will fall back to more realistic levels. This movement downward has begun (though dropping slower than other Presidents in history), and will continue to fall absent some unforeseen dominating event.
President Bush's approval rating stayed within five points of his highest rating for nearly 17 weeks the previous record for a President was seven weeks. President Bush's rating remained within ten points of his high for approximately 23 weeks.
Looking at history, if President Bush follows a normal historical pattern, his approval rating should return to a "new normal" within 46 weeks from that date or the end of July 2002. Our guess is that President Bush's numbers will settle out a higher plateau than before because a portion of the American public has fundamentally altered their view of him from how he has handled the crisis.
Therefore, over the coming weeks and months the President's numbers will continue to drift downward as the November elections near and, as a result, Democratic partisans return to a normal disapproval pattern. Since Democratic partisans account for approximately 40% of the electorate, this by itself could return the President's approval numbers into the 60s.
So while the pundits and the media attempt to attribute cause and effect to this expected natural fall back remember that history is the better guide.
A reader from Hawaii sent the following extremely informative link on the political alliance between the American Christian right and Israel. One of the most interesting tidbits is this statement from Billy L. Nelson Bell, Billy Graham's father-in-law and editor of Christianity Today, made after Israel seized an additional huge chunk of Palestine in 1967. "That for the first time in more than 2,000 years Jerusalem is now completely in the hands of the Jews gives the student of the Bible a thrill and a renewed faith in the accuracy and validity of the Bible." So the attitude of the Christian right toward the Muslims all along has been "Fuck you!"

homepage: homepage: http://www.unknownnews.net/cdd041602.html

you rock 16.Apr.2002 13:34


thank you! your diatribe is so right on. telling the truth is a revolutionary act right now - and there are frighteningly few people (even among so-called radicals) willing to do so.