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9.11 investigation

Support McKinney - Letter to Editors

Here's a letter to the editor I wrote in support of Cynthia McKinney, along with email addresses for some newspapers. Please write letters for this woman - she is getting slaughtered by the press (big surprise). She's the only person in congress brave enough to say that the emperor has no clothes - she deserves our support.
To the Editor:

Rep. Cynthia McKinney has acted courageously in demanding an investigation into the events of September 11th. She is the only congressperson asking these extremely important questions about who knew and who benefited from the attacks - but she is not alone. The BBC, Canadian TV, the Sydney Morning Herald - among many other international news outlets - are also questioning government foreknowledge of 9/11. In the US, the mainstream media has been silent. Why? A thorough investigation into the biggest terrorist event in US history doesn't seem like an unreasonable request. Bush and Cheney have deliberately impeded such an investigation. What do they have to hide?


New York Times:  letters@nytimes.com

Oregonian:  letters@news.oregonian.com

LA Times:  letters@latimes.com

Chicago Tribune:  ctc-TribLetter@Tribune.com

SF Chronicle:  letters@sfchronicle.com

Wall St. Journal:  letter.editor@wsj.com

Boston Herald:  mdnletters@cnc.com

Atlanta Journal Const.:  letters@ajc.com

Seattle Times:  opinion@seattletimes.com
Eugene Register Guard 16.Apr.2002 10:34

weeping willow

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