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Portland A20

Location: Holladay Park, just south of Lloyd Center
Time: 12:30 Meditation Vigil for Peace
1:00 Rally, with dancing, drums, speeches
2:00 or so, March to Terry Schrunk Plaza
Here's what we want
(from the national coalition:  http://www.a20stopthewar.org/)
A U.S. foreign policy based upon social and economic justice, not military and corporate oppression.
An end to racial profiling and military recruitment targeting youth of color and working class youth.
Government funding for programs to benefit the economic victims of the 9-11 attacks and the recession.
An end to the degrading and secret imprisonment of immigrants.
Increased funding for non-military-based financial aid for education
Full disclosure of military contracts with universities

Sponsors of PDX event: Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, Freedom Socialist Party, American Friends Service Committee, Bridge to Peace, IWW IU 650, Socialist Party of Oregon, Radical Women

Meditation Vigil sponsored by Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Tip: it's a silent meditation vigil. What is there to say in the face of violence? Please provide a buffer zone between your conversations and the vigil, and hold off on the drums and other instruments until after 1 pm, ok?

For more information on the march, email  smulryan@nwlink.com

About the meditation vigil, email me.

This from the A20stopthewar website:

"Nonviolence Guidelines

We ask people who plan on joining us to adhere to the following Nonviolence Guidelines for the March.

We will not initiate violence against any living thing.

We will not bring "illegal drugs" or alcohol.

We will carry no weapons.

We recognize that people of color, queers, and transgender people are at a much greater risk of police harassment, abuse, and violence. Because we also recognize that property destruction increases this risk, we strongly discourage the use of such tactics at our event/march.

The April 20th Mobilization supports the actions and events that will also be occurring throughout the weekend, including those organized by the Mobilization for Global Justice and the National Mobilization on Colombia."

These are the guidelines for the Washington DC march, but they certainly apply here. Not that anybody planned to do these things....

homepage: homepage: http://a20pdx.tripod.com/

Me and my Vegan Drum 16.Apr.2002 00:58


I and others will be there on A20 with plastic buckets, upon which we will kick out the fat beats. I will decide when I choose to be silent, and for whom. This is everyone's day, Jah's day. There are many ways to honor the victims of U.S. terrorism...

"We breed revolution. We are totally committed to carrying out OUR program. We are LSD driven maniacs, in the universe." -Dr. Impe

Silence is just for the meditation vigil 16.Apr.2002 11:10

Rowdy protester

I fully believe in being loud and choosing when you can be loud for protests. However, the meditation vigil is scheduled a half hour before the regular protest and is the only silent part. What is the need to show up a half hour early jsut to make noise over a scheduled silent event?

Respecting Diversity 16.Apr.2002 23:09

Seamus smulryan@nwlink.com

Please keep in mind that the Portland A20 Solidarity Coalition planned to begin its events at 1 PM. Those organizing the meditation planned their event before 1 PM so that they could have a time of meditation and silence before the pre-march rally begins. There is time planned for silence and meditation, and there is time planned for noise and speakers and music and marching. I hope that neither interferes with the other. I hope that we do our best to respect the needs of those organizing the meditation, as they respected our needs by planning their piece of the event for before (not during) when we were planning to begin ours. This *is* everyone's day, and we should strive to respect the diversity of needs of all those who have organizined events on this international day of protest against the war.

In Solidarity,

(speaking only for myself)