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forest defense

A word of appreciation to people who live in trees

Tree-sitters we love you!
To all the people who sit in trees,past and present,north,south,east,and west,I want to say-Thank you,and we love you! Living in trees and defending the forests is not easy. We contend with harsh weather,long hours,cramped quarters,dead batteries,waiting for replacements,woodrats chewing climblines,long hikes,and so much more. We are rewarded with knowing we are making an effort to save the wild we love,and we make incredible connections with mother earth.We protect the places where birds and animals live,the air we breathe, and the water we drink. What is natural is the only real thing on earth,concrete buildings do not compare with trees and rocks and waterfalls.The people who live in trees are really a unique type of individual-let's not forget to thank them when we see them.

homepage: homepage: http://tree-sit.org

thank you 15.Apr.2002 23:32


i am extremely grateful to the treesitters - thank you all so much for your courageous work - thank you for defending the trees by putting your own lives on the line.
you are truly doing divine work - i send you love & blessings

Thank you, tree sitters 15.Apr.2002 23:43


You do make a difference. I would never have the courage to do what you do. You have many admirers and supporters in the ranks of the middle-aged and older. Please continue your work.

Support From The Ground 16.Apr.2002 05:59

An Admirer

Thank you for being there when I cannot. Thank you for doing what I cannot. Thank you for giving of yourself when I cannot. Thank you for being an inspiration to others when I cannot.Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to say I am truly greatful for your beliefs and convictions. May others see and follow. Peace.

xxx &ooo for treefolk 16.Apr.2002 12:28


Many kisses and hugs to you from an old treeplanter! I'm too geezerlike to join you up there but please know that you are loved and appreciated

Bless the tree-sitters 16.Apr.2002 14:55


Thirty years ago I could still climb trees a little. I always loved trees and it feels awful to know how close we are to the devastation of the forests which sustain the world. Thank you for climbing. Thank you for caring that much. Be careful. Keep on-belay. Your lives are sometimes all that's between the lumber industry and the hope of life on Earth.