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Portland A20?

So, is anything happening in Portland on A20? Is there any solidarity event here at all? If so, why isn't it being annouced?
A20 is happening in Eugene and Seattle...what about Portland?
Anyone have any information?
here... found this post on another site 15.Apr.2002 21:42

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

go go go!
International Day of Action Against the War

On Saturday, April 20th people in cities around the world will
march, rally, protest and generally agitate against Bush's phony
"war on terror." Now in its sixth month, the ever-expanding war
has caused untold suffering for thousands of people - mostly the
poor and people of color living in the so-called "third world."
Meanwhile, here at home, Bush & his gang are doing their best to
destroy any pretense of democracy.

Join with fellow Portlanders in solidarity with demonstrations
in Washington, DC, Seattle, New York, and many other cities, to
demand the end to this unwinnable spiral of violence and
planetary destruction. Meet at Holladay Park (by Lloyd Center,
between NE Multnomah and NE Holladay) at 1:00 pm for a rally,
then a march to downtown at 2:00. Bring drums, music, costumes,
banners, signs, street theater or just come as you are! For more
information, or to find out how to get involved, email

A20 in Portland 15.Apr.2002 21:43


A20 events are happening in Portland! Check out the website for all the info.