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We'll Miss you Beth

Thinking of you Beth
Beth is a special person and she will be missed by us in California who knew her. She died doing what she belived in, and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
thinking of you too 16.Apr.2002 21:45


It's really hard coming to grips with the suprise of her death and the surrealness that that created for me. But I just want to say that horhound effected a lot of people so wonderfully that in a lot of ways, her influence lives on in the rest of us. it's a powerful thing to be reminded that life is short and unpredictable, and for me, its taught me a lot in the past few (short yet long) days. thanks to horhound, because she inspired me with her openness and vision. thanks to the community of folks she was surrounded by, because you're all vibrant and powerful folks. solidarity and appreciation of life.