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rush limbaugh shows lack of human decency to family, friends, of beth o brian

how so many people can take such a self-centered, pompous, waste of sperm's views so seriously is beyond me

see for yourself:

. 15.Apr.2002 16:28


You can call The Rush Limbaugh Show program line between 12 Noon and 3PM Eastern Time at: 1-800-282-2882

You can e-mail Rush at:  rush@eibnet.com

You can fax Rush at: 212-563-9166

You can write Rush at:
The Rush Limbaugh Show
2 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10121

We argue while the Sheeple follow 15.Apr.2002 18:30


1) Conservatives are rich. They buy the show, station, and advertising. When there is only one message, then there is little dissent for your average, non-reading sheep to make judgement by.

2) Progressives are either too zealous or too complacent.

a) Zealots - We have strong opinions. We feel pain about these issues, and want others to feel what we feel. This can seem pretty invasive to the sheeple. "Trees are nice, but I'm a logger and have to cut them down." "Fish are tasty, and spawn rapidly. What's the problem?" Zealots are viewed by the sheeple as folk out to take away jobs.

b) Complacents - These are the people that get elected. Their ideas are often squashed by the conservatives because they are not progressive enough for us to stand behind. Why take a foot when you can have a yard. We see them as sellouts, and don't defend them for the good they have done. Instead, we help the conservatives boot them out of office (e.g. Ralph Nader vs. the Democrats).

3) We attack stong speakers. Anyone who seems to be getting the message out has a flaw. If that flaw doesn't jibe with being a progressive, then that speaker will go nowhere. One progressive group or other will shut them down.

Look, we have a lot of good issues that you'd have to be diabolical to not agree with. If we can focus on all of these and get the message heard, then we can start working a paradigm shift to something better. It is our desires to get all our personal demands met that keep this from happening.


Dangerous right-wing rhetoric 15.Apr.2002 23:51


Its too bad Armand had to waste some perfectly good space with what reads like a basically unrelated post. Hope folks scroll down this far.

The Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) has been inundated with letters of condolence and support from AROUND THE WORLD in regards to Beth's death. There's a truly incredible outpouring of sympathy and encouragement coming from across the planet and the US. But the far right wing in this country is showing how depraved, heartless and uncompassionate they really are in their reaction. Thanks to the person who posted the link to Rush Limbaugh's site. It's a reality check and it prompted a little reasearch. Right now the CFA website is getting visits from huge numbers of people - but unfortunately, data shows that many are being referred from right-wing chatrooms.

Check out  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/665869/posts and  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/665274/posts or  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/665869/posts and  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/665274/posts or  link to glocktalk.com for a sampling. The glocktalk one seems to consist of some law enforcement 'professionals'

It's truly shocking how crazy and unhinged, uncompassionate and just plain mean these people sound, some wanting to 'unload their clips' on forest activists and 'eco-commies.' Essentially offering anonymous death threats towards nonviolent folks whose politics they disagree with. Limbaugh is just the tip of the iceberg of fascism in the US.

Use this information as you see fit. The right-wing reaction shows how impotent they are when they see us victorious. And we can succeed nonviolently. Let's keep up the resistance and the struggle. Despite the tragedy, Eagle Creek should give us hope. Direct action really does get the goods.

íViva Eagle Creek! And long live the memory and spirit of Horehound, Beth O'Brien. Brave, dedicated and fighting for a better world. Rest assured that we will never let those trees at Eagle fall for somebody's fuckin' greed. Never.

apology to Armand 16.Apr.2002 00:05


Sorry Armand, I apologize for dismissing your comments in the opening sentence of the previous post. Uncalled for but it is hard to see how they relate to Limbaugh's harsh words in reaction to an activist's death.

A real piece of work! 17.Apr.2002 05:23


Just goes to show you what a piece of garbage, named Rush Limbaugh, is all about.

Same old Rush 17.Apr.2002 06:04


Rush consistently flaunts his lack of basic human decency. Years ago when I still occasionally listened to his drivel he had the habit of railing against Sen. Cranston who he termed the "cadaver from Calif" (instead of Senator from Calif). Sen. Cranston was fighting cancer at the time and had lost a lot weight. He passed away within the year. I'm sure Sen. Cranston and his family was impressed by the mighty Toad's lack of compassion (reserved I suppose for Republicans fighting cancer), and basic human decency.

Then there was the humorous segment he did about a musician (long haired maggot infested - variety), whose van went off the road and died in the crash (crushed). The slimeball mocked his death by saying it was another example of really
"heavy metal". I'm sure that his family was impressed by this callous lack of human decency.

Rush, and his ilk of propagandists, have no decency, no shame. Any means is justified when the goal is the humiliation and destruction of their perceived enemies. At his passing, I think there should be dancing ....

Rush Slimebaugh 18.Apr.2002 07:08

Nick the Greek

It shows that Rush is TRULY.... DEAF and DUMB

well anybody who is enamored with shrub's.... 19.Apr.2002 14:04


eyes is not only blind deaf and dumb, but probably has a huge schoolgirl crush on the resident idgit...that's on the "home" page....it's really quite absurd....I'm almost embarrassed for this grown man (yes, hard to acknowledge from his behavior and thought process, but nonetheless...)....but then he is just a priviledged, clueless idiot so I'm really not embarrassed.

Just irritated beyond words that there are so many genius people who are overlooked simply because they are hispanic or female, for example.

and the reference to the "left coast" really intrigues me. So I guess all westerners are supposed to be lefties?

I have always known better than to give him even a second of my time via radio or (gulp!) tv or internet, but now I wonder what other mass stereotypes he has about "people of color" that can help his sweating brain comprehend people whose points of view would differ from his. If he would call the west coast the "left coast"....

I wouldn't be surprised if he scoffed over the air at the reaction of pdx indymedia readers as well as others who are outraged at his attempts to mock the deceased - but I WOULD be surprised if he had the balls to reply directly to any of the concerns expressed here.

So inhuman!

Honoring activists (instead of limbaugh) 23.Apr.2002 12:55

Georgia Stigall nativehabitats@aol.com

Most people don't perform without an audience ... certainly those like rush limbaugh don't! Rather than play into his hands by expressing indignity and outrage - which just gives him more grist for his pathetic mill - we can choose to continue our work and play and just ignore his scat.

Food for thought,
Georgia Stigall (who never met Beth and is very sorry for her loved ones)

Thank You for yourComments 07.Dec.2004 11:06

Mark O'Brien markjen2525@hotmail.com

My family and I have agonized over the death of our beloved daughter Beth since that horrible day thet she fell. Limbaugh's comments have only added to the pain and suffering we have endured since her death. She was a very lovely young lady and my baby, even though she was an adult who took her social and political activism to heart. There will never be another like her. Limbaugh's comments were and are a source of pain to all of us who know and love Beth. He really is an indescribable piece of trash for a human being. I hope he does jail time for his drug "problem." What an amazing hypocrite! Peace and prosperity to all of you. Mark O'Brien
What Limbaugh had on his web site before we were able to bury our daughter.
What Limbaugh had on his web site before we were able to bury our daughter.