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corporate dominance

Use this mail form to tell congress you don't like the Bu$h & Republican agenda

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Take Action Now!

Send a message to Congress that you will not buy from Republican Contributors until they pass your liberal agenda.

Please check the guestbook for important notices.

Please send this message. Tell the congress and the press and the Republican national Committee what YOU want done.

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Thank you.

Compose Email to Congressional Leaders pledging to boycott Republican donors
Fill in the information below and click the Send This Mail! button when ready to send. You will get a response page in a second or two indicating the success of the send transaction

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A Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events when conditions get so intolerable that we see the need to separate ourselves from those who would punish the less fortunate in our society for their own political and financial gain it comes to the point to declare our independence from those people. That day comes today. I pledge from this day forth to not purchase goods and services from these Republican donors mentioned below until I see improvement in such situations and my political agenda gets advanced. I shall buy elsewhere. If this causes you and your donors intolerable financial conditions then let the Lord have it done. I shall also contact these companies with this pledge with specifics on what I want to see done by our government. I will also no longer let you punish the less fortunate with my money any longer.

I Demand that your company and your PACs stop giving money to the Republican Party.
I Demand Universal Healthcare as a minimum for every US Citizen.
I Demand a higher minimum wage of 10 dollars an hour.
I Demand a drug prescription benefit at no extra cost in Medicare.
I Demand that congress increase medical reimbursements to Doctors and HMOs to reverse backdoor Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts of increased HMO premiums and Doctor refusal of patients having Medicare.
I demand that congress tax a persons full income and remove the so called FICA limit on taxable income so that more money will go to the Social Security System and make the tax truly progressive.
I Demand a patients bill of rights including the right to sue an HMO.
I Demand a universal voting system providing equal protection under the law for the United States.
I Demand Federal legislation prohibiting states from using private companies processing voter rolls tied to a political party and police roadblocks from getting used as a voter suppression tool on election day.
I Demand that the illegitimate pResident George W Bush and his vice pResident Dick Cheney resign from office for the fraudulent actions taken by them and their campaign in order to win the 2000 presidential election.
I Demand a strong Federal Hate Crimes Law.
I Demand the repeal of the 1996 Welfare Law and to pass a Federal Welfare Law without time limits that treats those indigent with dignity and respect.
I have other demands that I will communicate to you in the future.

I will no longer do business with you until these demands get met by the US Congress and signed by the President.


Companies to boycott


Coca Cola


Shell Oil


American Express

Marriot Hotels

JC Penney


Dell Computers

Florida Oranges, Grapefruits, Orange juice and Grapefruit juice and Florida Tourism



If you want to join the boycott without sending the message to congress
then just send it to me by clicking on this link below.



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