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Bravo, Dr. Caldicott, for looking straight into the faces of these terrible men(and a few women) and condemning their awful war machines!
A standing-room-only crowd of 400 people packed into an old church on a very rainy Saturday night to hear Dr. Helen Caldicott blast through the fear and ignorance we have wrapped ourselves in, and to offer us a vision of how we can change the world through our actions, through educating ourselves about who we are allowing to control our government, and by fully realizing and consciously thinking about the total insanity of even thinking about "winnable" nuclear war. WE MUST SPEAK OUT NOW!! Stand in the streets, talk to your friends and neighbors, resist the hate, insist on seeing your representatives, get involved in local political actions, and do not buy into the war machine!!
Thanks for the inspiration, Dr. Caldicott. We'll be following your tour through Hood River, Denver, New York, Pittsburg, Washington D.C. for A20mobilization, through New England, and around the planet!